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Night goblin nature crime

Here's some schadenfreude for you: the night goblin got me again. Same eye. At least? It wasn't July 26. In '15 it was March 26 with one cut, '16 May 26 with two cuts, so we were expecting July 26 with three. Have appointment tomorrow AM and will find out how many cuts. I know it's a cut because no matter how many dry eye drops I put in, there's zero improvement with my vision. It's like there's no lens on the left side of my glasses and without my glasses, well it's annoying---annoying with them on too. I've ghettoized myself a patch with a disposable face mask for the day. Fucking night goblin.

Yesterday I was woke up a little before 4am by a VERY low flying helicopter. Yep, I'll sleep thru gun shots, screaming, 20 cops in my driveway, dogs barking their heads off downstairs, crime scene unit across the street; but low flying helicopter? Wide awake. Bolted up thinking they were going to crash it was so low. No idea what kind of copter it was, but life flights don't fly that low.

Since livejournal mobile sticks a photo above an entry, here's a pix I took of the half moon. Putting this here, cuz I have some nature crime scene photos in this post.


Wednesday I watched the crows mob a big hawk out of their clock out tree. I didn't go out to take pix or vid, as I knew there were too many branches in the way. Took quite awhile before the hawk took off with the crows on his tail. I then made a call to worst energy to get my bill figured out and got someone actually very helpful. So I turn around in my chair to look out and at eye level I see a huge hawk. I exclaimed "HOLY SHIT! I think there's a red tail hawk in my tree!!" She said that was cool, they're beautiful. I grab my camera and stand up and oh no!!!! They have a squirrel :( I think they landed there with the squirrel, as I had looked out like 2 minutes before I got on the phone and no squirrels nor birds were out.


He kept looking around for quite a bit. Probably looking/listening for the crows. North Hill Crow Crew failed this squirrel. I was on the phone, giving her the play by play---I asked if she minded and no, she said she loved nature, even if it was sad, though that was truly nature. True. So I'm taking pix, giving a play by play and she's properly sorting out what worst energy had buggered up on my bill. I decided on posting these as they give different angles of the hawk. I have, if you know how I am with photo taking, dozens more.



Look at the size of his claws. Damn!




Got off the phone, then went out the side door and went in front of my car to take some more pix, but then the crows started cawing and the hawk took off, with the squirrel. As the crows flew overhead to go after the hawk I yelled "Little late guys!!!"


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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