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Found and shockingly impressed!

I FOUND MY LEAK!!!!!!!!!!!! My back was saying "fuck you" Sunday and especially Monday and seemed to be about ready to say it yesterday too. I'm sitting here listening to drip drip drip into the trash bag via the sheet I have set up. Okay back, we're going to crawl into the crawl space AGAIN, cuz I can say "fuck you" too. Since the leak has been playing hide and go fuck yourself, I didn't hold out hope of seeing anything again on this trip. Ah, I was happily wrong!!

Had tablet and cell phone for ghetto flashlights and camera, yes, there's video of my wonderful discovery. And I'm crawling towards leak ground zero, as the roof is sloping downward. What's that? Was that a drip? Did I just see a drip? I FUCKING SAW A DRIP!!!!! Then I saw drip drip drip drip.

Here a pix with an arrow pointing to where the drip is coming from.


That insulation isn't moldy, it's gotten dirty, as I checked it out. I also checked the insulation in front of that beam it's dripping on and it wasn't wet. So, the chimney is DRY. Problem with mortar and/or chimney is ruled out. The wood roof planks in the attic are dry. Problem with shingles ruled out. I had taken my multi-purpose tool golf club up with me and used it to try to 'feel' above the area of the drip, as I couldn't really crawl that far to look under it. That area is 'solid', not a cavity.

What's directly above that area? THE FLASHING!!!!!!!!!! Which is what I said all along!! I sent the above pix in an email to Senior Detective Rice and she suggested it might be an old nail hole that wasn't plugged correctly. Could also be a new nail hole that came undone. If there wasn't a wee bit of snow on the roofs I WOULD actually get on the top roof and examine this myself because I know EXACTLY where it's dripping from!! Fuck these fuckers saying the flashing is fine. Something in the milk is not clean about the flashing and I will continue to believe that until proven wrong.

Have to go get a RX today and I'll stop at Home Depot AGAIN and ask someone there if it could be a nail hole situation. That makes sense, as it's drip drip drip drip and not a stream.

Having positively found the origin, I'm half way there!!!

In shocking developments, during a phone call with Eddie last night, it came out that he actually created his own twitter account in August!! ON HIS OWN!!! Yes, this is shocking and impressive. He started to talk about something else and I was like "dude, you did that without calling me, I can't get over this". No, he's never used it, but he created the account ON HIS OWN!!!! Yes, I'm still in shock.

LJ is starting to act really weird, I best post this and get about my day.


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Feb. 9th, 2017 09:19 pm (UTC)
I missed that you had a problem with a leak but I'm glad you've got it sorted.
Feb. 9th, 2017 09:54 pm (UTC)
Oh no, it's not sorted!!! It's just that I've found it!! Had the leak since late September.
( 2 Peaces spoken — Speak your peace )


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