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THEY have a severe weather advisory out. Allegedly claiming we are to get 3-6" of snow overnight. I'll believe it when I see it. Also, why the hell does that require an advisory? We're in NE Ohio in the winter, not Alabama.

IF we get that much snow I'll have to get up on the ladders and put out the calcium chloride on my delicate new back porch roof. Cuz J Russell failed to tell me that ice dams would continue to form when they did all that work. Had they told me that BEFORE, instead of the year AFTER when another one formed and started to leak into the expensively redone pantry, I would have discussed options to prevent it. Steeper incline on roof? Tear the pantry off? Reroute gutters? It irks my ire I have to do this whenever we get more than like 3" of snow. I shouldn't have too. Grrr.... And no, J Russell is NOT on 'kill the fucking leak' duty. Another company is.

Eddie will be VERY happy if we get over 3" of snow because he got a snowblower in December and hasn't been able to use it yet. If we get about 6" I know he'll come over and do my driveway. Hell, he'll probably snow blow the whole neighborhood he'll be so happy to finally be able to use it.

Making much progress in here. Didn't get much done today though cuz my back started to hurt almost immediately. I dunno why as, 1. I took a muscle relaxer this morning and 2. I ensured I was squatting and not bent over. My back just wanted to say "FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!" So fine. Hauled out about 6 grocery bags of things to the trash and a box full. Yesterday I did much much more, and my back didn't really hurt, so I guess it decided it needed a break.

In the midst of my short mission today I found an amazon box with stuff I ordered from 2012. I knew it was knocking around here somewhere and that there was a new mouse in it and I thought just one book. Well there were 3 books in it. YEAH!! Including a book that I've had on my 'list' to request from Ohio Link sometime. HAH!!! I got the mouse then, as I knew eventually I would need a new one. I'm about at that point. In 2012 I got it for $13.99 and now it's 22.99 on amazon. This is the mouse I use, that befuddles anyone who tries to use it. I get befuddled trying to use a 'regular' mouse. Anyway, this is a reassuring purchase. Buy something you know you'll need eventually, provided the item would expire/go bad, when you have extra money. And yes, to some people $8 is a lot of money.

Skittles is happy she has more room in here and has decided to christen the areas with projectile vomit. That's a Skittles thing and if she didn't projectile vomit at least once every couple days, I'd think something was wrong with her, as that's her 'normal'. The vet said that has to be her 'normal' too, as she checks out as fine. Her kids, excluding Melon, projectile vomit too.

I'd post pix of this room, but it's a general rule I don't do that. I started that because of 'someone' and I still just continue that. Once the leak is conquered I will post pix of the before/after and that's just one area of a wall/ceiling. Oh you can see the crawl space too. Wood and insulation and a bouquet of plastic flowers. Flowers in the attic. Someone, some day MIGHT get it and they'll hear me laughing from beyond.


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