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Birth certificate FOUND!!!!!!!!! Not in this room, oh no, of course not! It was in the pantry. I was in the tub and the thought of looking in there hit me. Yep, there it was and here it is. Since this IS a public record, and I ♥ them, I didn't block anything out.


Here's up close where you can see the modification at the top, which makes it more expensive. And um, yeah, I changed a couple things here, cuz, well fuck them, that's why. I tried to use text in paint and photoshop and it was too small and I couldn't figure it out, so fuck it, I just used the pencil tool.


Got up horribly late yesterday, 10:30 and I have no reason for that either. Frustrating. Was in tub around 1pm and of course Edward wanted to bring me his tax forms. Uh, no, I'll get them Sunday when I bring over your birthday gifts. But the more I think about it, no. I'll get them Wednesday and if he wants to pout or what have you, he can sit there and figure them out himself as he has plenty of time to do so now. Wonder if that could get live streamed? I have things to do so this leak can be DESTROYED properly!!! He obviously doesn't understand, or care, about that. I'll tell him I'll put those forms under the leak if I take them then. That'll work, he'll hold on to them. Actually I had to change the bag. Got a heavy duty one now. There was like an inch or so of water in there. Sprayed everything with bleach and everything is covered in plastic. Duct taped at the top. I can reinforce and put on new duct with a golf club. I should have filmed that. I'm handy with a golf club. They're definitely multi-purpose items.

Did lots of work in here yesterday and got my back hurting bad. Took a muscle relaxer at 6pm so I wouldn't sleep late. I didn't take one Friday night so who the fuck knows why I slept so late.

And YES!!! Got my phone call Friday!! YEAH!!!! Some good news!!! I've had quite a few FML moments lately---not involving the leak and no, I shan't share that schadenfreude with you. If you want some of that, um, gosh, dunno what to tell ya. Have a wank or something.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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