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FFS, I keep missing calls from someone. I was sitting here Wednesday, right by the phone, going through papers. Was also in an active text conversation with my blimpologist friend. They HAD the same notification tone as my ringtone, so when it went off I figured they were replying. Looked a few minutes later, nope. They said they'd try back Thursday or Friday. No call yesterday. This morning I wake up a little before 9am and they had called about 10 minutes before. Left a message saying they'd try again this afternoon. I hope so!! They should know I'm not really a morning person though.

Realized last night from my bedroom window I can see the corner of Dayton and Tallmadge. Uh, I don't particularly care for that long range of openness. Wasn't sure if that was it, so I took the screen out and stuck my head out and yep, that was indeed the traffic light reflecting off the auto detail shop at the corner of Dayton and Tallmadge. Obviously that's my one bedroom window without plastic over it. Gotta be able to stick my head out of one in the winter.

I guess winter is sort of here? Spitting snow and there's a very light covering out. Not removing my 'missing' sign from my side door. If we get over 6" I will put FOUND in big read letters over it. I can't really foresee that happening though.

Still no police report on last month's shooting. A neighbor sent an email to the APD asking what was taking so long and BCC'd me on that. Yeah, what IS taking so long? If it involved a juvenile or was a domestic violence case there'd be a message saying something like 'due to sensitive information this report won't be publicly available' but no, it doesn't say that. Just says it's not completed and it usually takes 1-3 days. Well it's been like 40 days.

I slept thru more than I realized that night. Learned more about the incident from another neighbor. There were 3 gunshots, then yelling and screaming. The car got stuck in the mud and was trying to get out. Someone was standing over the shot guy, another person ran between houses, then the car got out of the mud and everyone took off leaving the shot guy there screaming that he'd been shot in the leg, was going to bleed to death, etc. He then crawled across the street into my driveway. That's when the police arrived. There were about 20 officers in my driveway at one point. Ambulance took shooting victim away. About 7 APD cars, crime scene unit, and several detective cars. All neighbors were interviewed. Except for the chick at 571 who was sound asleep, though both my dogs were barking their heads off. Several people said they expected me to come out at any moment with my camera around my neck. Well, if I hadn't been dead to the world, I most certainly would have been out there with my camera. No, the cops didn't knock on my door as several different neighbors said if I wasn't outside I had to have been asleep.

But NO BLOOD in the snow. It's been surmised he could have just been bleeding internally. Not one damn drop of blood out there the next day though. I will, of course, share any answer my neighbor gets and the police report if/when it ever posts. Really weird. Wait, that's par for the course here, though we don't usually have violence like that.

Alright, back to going thru stuff in here and waiting for a call. Have found a variety of treasures; though my birth certificate is still MIA. I had it last June when I got plates for my car. No, I don't quite understand why I needed my birth certificate for that either, but I had to come home and get it which really pissed me off. But not as much as having to go do ECHECK!! Uh, why? Oh it's required when titles are transferred. It's from a dealer! Doesn't matter. Oh fuck that fucking echeck. That was the day after the ball dribblers won. I went to a oil change place and the woman there looked like she had been giving celebratory blow jobs in the back. Why would I say that? Because her lip stick looked like it had been applied by a 4 year old OR she had been giving celebratory blow jobs in the back. Is that not PC? IDGAF. I also bet you perfectly pictured what her lipstick looked like too.

Anyway, those oil change places have those fucking pits you have to drive over. I hate driving into those places, plus I was pissed about having to do fucking echeck, cuz FUCK ECHECK!!!, and I was out the day after the ball dribblers won and FUCK CLEVELAND TEAMS!!! The woman was badly directing me over the pit and I finally put the car in park and got out and said YOU DRIVE IT IN. She tried to say she couldn't. Fine, I'll stand here, I'm not trying anymore cuz you almost had me go into that. A guy got in and pulled it in. I GLARED at that woman the whole time. I knew the car would pass, cuz duh, came from a dealer; but fuck. Then I had to go back to get my plates. But I had my birth certificate then. I KNOW I brought it in the house that day. I found the extra bullshit echeck paperwork that I put in the trash, cuz fuck recycling, and um, my birth certificate is still MIA. I thought for sure it'd be on the left side of my desk but no, I hit ground zero and not there. Revenge of echeck demon made it disappear? That is possible. I won't rule that out until I am done going thru things. Last time I got a copy of it, it was $35. Cuz I'm a special snowflake and Iowa charges that much for modified birth certificates. Modified meaning that on the top of mine it states that I legally changed my name to 'Miss Tia' and gives the date and court file #. If/when I find it, I'll post a pix of it.

Happy little camper aren't I? Gotta change the bag under the sheet, it's rather full. I just realized that I should get a small package of diapers to put in the bottom of the trash bag. I have newspapers now. THOSE would be absorbent!! Aw, yes, my leak. Real quick, roofing guy was out. Spent quite a bit of time on the roof. Found nothing that could be causing it. It wasn't raining when he was here. He has to come back when it's leaking and get up in the crawl space. So we play tag and it'll be a bit before the planets align. I do realize he can't drop everything and get here when it's leaking. The leak WILL be found and eradicated though. He has to see it in action and that makes total sense. He had a suggestion for caulking up I think he said the fascia on the one side of the chimney and I said "yes please!!" but he said that might not resolve the problem despite my immediate willingness to write him a check!! I would have.

That leak WILL FUCKING DIE!!! Then the wall will die and part of the ceiling. Oh, thank fuck I changed ringtones for my blimpologist cuz he just texted me. DAMN!!!


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