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SS Tooth Decay

So Minnow, sibling of Melon, spawn of Skittles, has some dental issues. He's been eating mostly canned food and sometimes would bat at the right side of his mouth. He's sort of 'skittish' [no, I did not name Skittles, Tammy's chirruns did and I got Skittles, Chocolate, and Oreo when they moved to California because they made no effort to find them homes, I could make a further side note but I'll save that pithiness for another day. I did name Minnow and Melon, as I took them.] Anyway, he's difficult to handle and I called the vet last week to see if an antibiotic shot would do any good for dental issues, as clindamycin [sic] is the regular treatment but there was no way in hell that was happening as that's twice a day orally. Yes, a shot is possible. Okay, I'll work on being able to touch him for longer periods of time, as I didn't want to just chase him thru the house and totally traumatize him.

Made appointment for today and brought the carrier upstairs to put in bathroom. He was even in it last night awhile. Before I got dressed and started the car, I shut the bathroom door and got him in it with surprisingly minimum stress. I took the carrier downstairs, went out to start the car, came inside and he has the carrier ROLLING on the kitchen floor. Oh fuck, dude!!! Secure the carrier so it won't roll and race up to get dressed. He was pretty quiet on the ride there. No attempts at rolling the carrier either.

They give cats towels with calming spray. Once he got taken out of the carrier and was waiting for the doctor he sort of 'hid' inside his.


Peak a boo!


I could never really look inside his mouth. He wouldn't let me. I had felt around to ensure there was no abscess, there wasn't. Of course the doctor had an assistant and he was in 'vet stress shock'. Oh fuck. He's got A LOT of tartar on his back upper teeth and then on the lower right where he'd be batting sometimes she saw was really loose. She got hemostats and it pulled out easy peasy. Yes, I kept the tooth. All that in the back is tartar. I just realized it sort of looks like a heart.


He of course got the antibiotic shot and will be getting a dental to basically remove a lot of teeth. I dunno when he'll let me touch him again though. Might be a bit! Damn cat.

Ooooo crows cawing in my trees!! Gotta go see what they're crowing about!


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Jan. 26th, 2017 12:32 am (UTC)
Ouch, poor kitty!
Jan. 27th, 2017 07:15 pm (UTC)
yeah, that's gotta hurt!! he's feeling better though, as he's back downstairs hanging out with his buddy mortimore!
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