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So um yeah, as per my early 'leak letter' post might have hinted at, uh, yeah, with a fucking vengeance. Fed the fuck up with this shit, having roofing company come out to FIX IT RIGHT. I swear to fuck if it's the flashing----that all signs point to---I'll do my utmost to direct people to construction companies that will FIX THINGS PROPERLY!

Had my bone density scan this morning---2 year redo after 2 years of those painful prolia injections---and had other errands to run. Well gosh, I was running late cuz I had to deal with the fucking leak that decided to break on thru to the other side. Yeah, enjoy yourself leak for now. Tick tock. JT is on call for drywall duty. The wall will have to be removed---SLEDGEHAMMER TIME!!! FUCK YES!!!!!!!!! Yes, I know to avoid the chimney, but SLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will go that sledgehammer into the wall. FUCK YES!! There's drywall over the lathe and plaster. We'll need those white jump suits, googles, and respirators. It will be a fucking mess. But far cheaper than having a company do it. I'll have to empty this room probably. Yeah. Skittles will have to go, um, I guess she can go to the little room, as I can't have another kitty in my bedroom or Mikasa would bitch slap me from beyond. Little room is fine and has a closet the size of the room---which isn't really little. Largest closet in the house. My bedroom is 12 x 18 but I have a small closet.

Maple stayed in the little room when her arm was broke and in a cast and then when it was amputated. She was happy in there as the side window gets afternoon sun. Skittles should like that. Skittles isn't out with the others---who basically are all her kids now, damn, cuz she got picked on mostly by Windsor--who's not her child. Windsor is the spawn of Satan. Pretty sure he is. I bet if he got shaved behind his ear there'd be a 666.

Anyfuckthisleaktohellway, I get my bone density done and the tech can't tell you anything, of course. But I asked if I could see my hip image, as 2 years ago my pelvis image was ALL red with big red boxes around it and that's when I got diagnosed with senile osteoporosis and started the painful prolia injections. Well golly gee whiz. No red at all. Yellow, and on the side I saw I was 'mid-yellow'. That's osteopenia territory, the precursor to senile osteoporosis. Of course I'll have to get the call from my doctor's office but I think these are good results. I told the lady how last time everything was red and she gave me a 'oh shit' look and said the lady tech, as I was putting on my shoes last time, was telling me to be careful going to my vehicle. She said today "Oh yes, that was bad but we can't ever say anything to patients." "Yeah, I totally understand that and my doctor told me when I got the results that IF I fell I would be getting a hip or knee replacement, as any break would never heal." I wonder about now though. Hmmm....still don't wanna fall though---who does? Besides Jerry Lewis 60 years ago in attempts to be funny--and I never found that funny.

Roads were fine this morning but some sidewalks were totally sheets of ice. Got my valium filled at Klein's, went to vmac, and bj's for a few supplies---mostly cat stuff. Then home depot to show them photos of the FUCKING LEAK THAT WILL SOON DIE!!!!!!!! He was certain it was the flashing. I really have no idea how I will contain my anger if the roofers come out and tell me it's the flashing. Cuz I said that when it first happened but oh no, it's not the flashing said the guy from the company who replaced the flashing 2 years ago. It has cost time, money, and I had to toss 7 bags of stuff the leak destroyed. I think if I'm found to be right, I should send out a Land of Misfit Toys alert that I'll be ready to blow, so approach with extreme caution or avoid at all costs.

Winds, knock on wood, haven't been that bad though the warning was extended to 2am now. Then rain rain and more rain. Fucking leak. Yes, I just took a whole valium with my bedtime pills instead of a 1/2. 3 benadryl, muscle relaxer, and valium. Then in a bit, liquid benadryl--for my teeth--, and melatonin. I dunno how I could have slept thru the shooting happening 20 feet away from me---and STILL NO POLICE REPORT!! Still shows 'processing'. Dammit!!

We had a shotgun blast awhile ago. No yelling, screaming, nada. Just some asshat. Wendy texted me "Shotgun?" Yep. She's learning!!

So I had plans once I got home today but they were thrown out the window because of yes, the fucking leak. Leak is a four letter word. Fucking piece of shit cunt whore leak.

Oh, to basically piss off my troll, I had gotten what they call an 'obama phone' [that's not my samsung galaxy, duh, hell no]. I qualify for one, and it's good to have a back up phone. Well when the leak soaked 7 bags of stuff that cell phone must have been in with it--I didn't go thru stuff I was so fucking pissed I just bagged. I called for a replacement phone. Well after an hour of being transferred all over---and none of them spoke English, even as a second language, maybe a 5th or 6th language cuz it was really bad but I was getting pissed I didn't think of recording. I get to the LAST person who spoke english more clearly--points there---that I have to buy a tracfone and use that. Uh, what? My lifeline plan isn't associated with tracfone, what are you talking about?? She repeated that. I repeated what I said. That went back and forth awhile and I finally just got fed up and said I'm just gonna transfer my lifeline plan elsewhere thanks. "WAIT! Just buy a tracfone!" No, we've done this bit and it wasn't funny the first time, have a good day.

Found another lifeline plan online and signed up. Gotta keep pissing off my troll----that's what you get for fucking with me for YEARS, some of those years pretending to be my friend too! Ah, but your chickens have come home to roost. Or at least some of them, you've got a lot of chickens out there. And re: the lifeline phone, it's good to have a spare around, especially to take when I go out and about and don't take my galaxy. If you qualify, look into the lifeline plan---they do home phone lines too. You can only have wireless OR a landline, can't have both. The cell doesn't have data---as it shouldn't, and they're usually just flip phones, which are fine. They do the job!!

This is the ONLY metallica song i like. Applicable here as the leak shall be sought and destroyed!!

Now I need to try to chill the fuck out a bit. I would LIKE to do some things tomorrow--such as continue working on 'year in review' posts---one part has parts a & b, working on that currently and part a deals with some disturbing things---so um yeah, that should give away what that's about if you know me!! Wanna work in the kitchen too. I'll be damned I do a thing with that leak besides change the plastic and papers it's dripping into. I have a blanket up against the wall now. If I got on the top roof I'd take the pick ax to it. When I told that to the roofing guy today he laughed. So at least I know they have a sense of humor---though um, I don't think I was joking. HAH!

Damn, Dr. Robert was SUAVE!!!


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