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Bowie, One Year Later

I had had an ongoing existential crisis for a few years about the eventuality of David Bowie, the artist--not his art, as that lives forever, no longer being on this plain of existence. Of all the things to have an existential crisis over, I realize it's a weird one, but I am an odd ball. That that genius wasn't going to create something new again, to challenge us again, to encourage us to embrace change, to try something new, to think about things in a different way, to enforce the message that you should embrace WHO you are, to live your life how it pleases you, etc. Just to know he was amongst us, in some way, was an almost comforting thought. 'The world will be okay, David Bowie is still amongst us.' Simplified thought, but that's what it pretty much boiled down to. I think part of me remains in the state of shock I entered when I saw the news last year and the other part just doesn't want to process it. To sort of 'cope' I thought to myself, well Prince is still with us. We know that didn't work out well.

A lot of people don't understand people's emotional attachment to some artists, or how/why people whom you never met can have such an impact on your life. To the point you genuinely grieve and mourn. I can only speak for myself; but as an abused child I had no 'nice' adults in my life and my escapes were books, tv, and the radio. David Bowie taught me in 1973 that it didn't matter if a guy wore a dress or makeup. I liked his music, those things didn't matter. He was one of the few 'nice' adults I had in my life as a small child. And of course I continued being a fan onward.


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