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Weather la ti da

it appears we won't be inhibiting siberia anymore....which is good....but.....they are saying we're going to get an inch of snow tonight....that's fine, though that's not enough for eddie to play with his new toy snow blower....but then........we're going to get a coating of ICE......that's NOT fine....fuck that!! give me 2 feet of snow over any ice!!! but wait!! that's more!! there's also a high wind warning from 10am tomorrow til 1am wednesday....gust around 50mph....oh fuck a doodle do....HOLD ON TREES!!!!!!!!!

then wednesday and thursday we get rain...which means.....anyone? bueller? yeah, leak-o-rama...can't have that all weather sealer put on when you're in siberia....nor would i want jt on the top roof while we were in siberia either....sometimes it doesn't leak though....it's weird...i have access to a pick ax...that might teach it a lesson....nah, i've never been on the top roof and can't see that ever happening....

checking precipitation for tomorrow, it appears when i have to go out it won't be raining....i hope that stays like that...have a bone density scan tomorrow to see if those prolia shots have helped my bone mass....hopefully i can get a glance at the screen as i remember 2 years ago there were red outlines and boxes all over....which got me my 'you're too young for that!' diagnosis of senile osteoporosis....i asked my doctor the last time i saw her what would be my option if there was no improvement and she said to give up the kenalog....no, that's NOT an option, cuz you're not taking that from my dead cold hands!! so then, i'd just have to continue the prolia injections....it'd be great if there was an allergy med i could take THAT WORKED like kenalog! until then kenalog it is!!!

gonna drop off valium rx at klein's beforehand so i can pick it up after....then stop at pet supplies + for a bag of cat food and poli's free toy or rawride for her birthday....she has no idea what to do with toys---since pan takes them from her, then her 'play' is to try to get it, pan will eventually let her have it for a few minutes and she struts around 'i got the toy i got the toy' then pan takes it back and repeat....so i'll get her treat....which um, i dunno how she can have it to herself...shit....i'll figure it out...then vmac for cat litter as i didn't want to get it sunday while i was shopping---just wanted to get in/out and i didn't want to lift anything heavy in siberia as it would have aggravated my asthma....then to bj's to get a case of cat food....thrilling outing i know....

and now to start laundry and get everyone, including myself, ready for bed...

ETA Tuesday morning: Well, the freezing rain is happening NOW, commencing at 8am lasting til about 10am. Then switching to just rain. FUCK!! We did get about an inch of snow. Should be inneresting going out and about.


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