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Sick delivery toast

FFS, Home Depot delivery is weird as fuck. I get an automated call from DENVER COLORADO telling me my delivery time tomorrow is between 3pm and 7pm. Oh isn't that a convenient time. Though better than say 8am, but still. So until I got that call I had no idea when they were delivering tomorrow. Got the call after 6pm. Uh? What if I had to schedule something for tomorrow? Weird as fuck delivery system. I know, I said that all ready. Bares repeating.

No, I have nothing scheduled tomorrow, aside from removing old dryer cord, and cat sitting for neighbors. Book has arrived at Kent State. YEAH!! I won't get my notes finished from the crow books I checked out before I go get that. But I have a huge honkin' pile to return. There's a couple upstairs at the library I might get and I'll peruse the best sellers on the 1st floor while there too. Will go Friday methinks before or after valium doctor. Or I might just go tomorrow. Though I'd like to curtail going out and about. Way out of the way from valium doctor as that's up in the evil city of Garfield Hts. Yep, it's evil. I always get lost and it's either the methane or other heinous fuckery most foul.

Still feel like shit. But this one med he gave me to stop my sinuses is fucking awesome!!! When I go back for a follow up in 2 weeks, I'm gonna request that for March thru May!! FUCK YES!!! No idea if you can be on it long term, but 3 months isn't long term. Nah. Did eat toast today, so hey, making some progress.

Now to sit here and read til bedtime, when I'll read some more! Could work on part 2 of year in review but um, no. Don't feel like it cuz I'm sick and cranky [cranky might be 'normal' for me.]


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