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Viral lazycunt cashier cloud face

It would have been convenient if I had been sick Friday when I had a doctor appointment to get my prolia injection. Oh hell no! Can't have that now! Had to go in today and obviously see another doctor, since my doctor left. Feels like a snake is wrapped around rib cage and is squeezing, best way to describe it. Along with sore throat, hurts to swallow, shortness of breath even after just talking, no appetite, major lethargy, etc. It is apparently something viral and I blame some fucktard at vmac friday for it. Vmac was INSANE last friday!!

What made it insane was the lack of cashiers and then the self check out supervisor who is SUPPOSE to check people out if there is a huge ass long line for the 4 self check out registers did jack fucking shit. She took her sweet ass time going to registers where people needed help. When I finally got to a self check out register, it was close to her register. For some reason, the screen still said "Please remove your purchase from bagging area". I couldn't start scanning. I turned to Ms. Lazycunt and said "Could you please clear this?" She looked and SAW THE SCREEN, then said, "Your light isn't flashing for help." Now, I was already pissed about her not wanting to do jack shit and the line being insane [the line for registers with cashiers were even worse], so I hit the button and then said "You fucking think you can do something now?" "I needed the light on before I can do something." "No you don't, you just don't want to work, instead of being passive aggressive with customers you should just fucking quit cuz your ass is gonna get fired." Then someone at another register called out "Ma'am can you help me?" She looked over, no light. I yelled over "She won't do jack shit unless you put on the light and even then she won't do much." A lady at another self check out said "Tell me about it." Ms. Lazycunt had no shame.

But oh gee, look who's coming down aisle behind the registers, the store manager! Suddenly she was Ms. Busycunt!! Oh hell no!! I was almost done and I called his ass over and relayed about her, and a few others piped in and he SAW the self check out line snaking thru woman's clothes. She tried to claim she had been checking people out; but oh gee, he checked her register and she hadn't checked anyone out her whole shift!! Ms. Introublecunt!!

I really try to be understanding of cashiers and I know especially at vmac they're treated like shit. But she wasn't doing fuck all. FUCK THAT!!

Anyway, back to my viral illness, since I am paranoid about coughing and I've started to cough a bit---coughing can cause a rib cage dysfunction----I got some cough medicine. He was looking for something to help temporarily with my congestion and was amazed at all the stuff I couldn't take.

When I pulled into the doctor's parking lot Edward called and he was being a chatty Cathy. He always does that when I either I only have a few minutes or I feel like shit and in this instance it was both. He also needed some of my dramamine cuz he was having vertigo again. I'm sure he has BPVV, I think that's the initials. Only happens when he wakes up. Then he had wanted me to call my eye doctor to see what days she's in. How about this, I'll email you the # and YOU call and find out! Why the fuck am I calling? HE can call! He's got plenty of time!

Walking out of the doctor's office a guy walking in kindly held the door and said, "You look sick yet very comfy." I am both! I was in my fleece lounge pants and heavy fleece top. Polar fleece ftw!!

Going thru photos to insert in my 2016 round up posts, yes, working on them but I've felt like shit and right now Mortimore and Minnow are having issues in the hallway and I've gotten up 3 times and next time I'm chasing them both downstairs. Sick of listening to them bicker. Oh now Poli barked and I had to get up to see why. No reason, as I saw no one outside when I opened the stairwell window. Oh wait, I think I might know. Eddie gave them each a rawhide with filling. I bet Pan took Poli's. I'll get Poli's back when I go do some dishes and figure what I want to eat for dinner. Uh, nothing sounds good. Not a damn thing.

Anyway, going thru photos I noticed these. Both taken July 15 at 9:37pm from in front of my house. Uh, dafuq?!?! No flash used. I've never ever seen anything like this before. I made them clickable so you can enlarge them.




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Jan. 4th, 2017 01:13 am (UTC)
Feeling about as crapy as you. Chest cold with congestion ? bronchitis ? flu ? Pneumonia ? Was up all night coughing, dragging my arse today.Went to lunch with a friend, most of the food came home. Stopped at DG for Vicks. Gonna smear more on in a few minutes. Seems to be working. Vicks on the chest, heating pad on the back. Dunno what's.wrong with my email. Still not letting me scroll. Fark.

Me !
Jan. 4th, 2017 01:17 am (UTC)
wonder why you can't scroll....i'm thinking an update is needed but it probably updates automatically....that's gotta be fucking annoying!!

i have vicks on the ready on my night stand!! i should've put some on a bit ago and used the heated back massager i have in here, but uh, tomorrow is another day!

apparently there are viral things about! FUCK VIRAL THINGS!!!!!!!!!

hope you feeling better STAT!!!
Jan. 4th, 2017 01:53 am (UTC)
Yeah, think about all the peoply places i was last week. Two airports on the way down, plus a germy plane. Weird ass hipster restaurant. I'm not blaming it on the organ tour. Christmas market and too many people. Christmas day with all those strangers, art gallery ... people!, another hipster restaurant. Trip home, two airports and another airplane. Yeah, lots of germs. Going to smear on more Vicks and crash.

This thing normally automatically updates ... Dunno.
Jan. 4th, 2017 11:30 am (UTC)
oh yeah, unfortunately you were in a plethora of places with GERMS!! especially the metal tubes in the sky and hipster restaurants!!

is it ALL emails you can't scroll or just mine? i was thinking of starting a new one when i replied last....can you go to email via your web browser or will it default to the app? i'm sure you've tried that....
Jan. 4th, 2017 03:50 pm (UTC)

Jan. 4th, 2017 07:46 pm (UTC)
Thank you!!!!

Love the image!! :D
( 6 Peaces spoken — Speak your peace )


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