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2016 In Review Pt. 1

[Whilst waiting for it to get light out---6:50 and still pitch black, ugh---I'll finish up the part of my 'year in review' I almost had done.]

In no particular order at all, cuz fuck that, year in review part 1. It was gonna be in a few parts anyway, as one situation will get it's own entry.

Had been thinkering for a few years to 'find' my front yard. The honeysuckle basically took over which is/was fine and smelled heavenly when blooming. But I decided to focus on my side yard since last year, '15, I was in physical therapy and was unable to do anything there. Cut down a couple dozen weed trees--some were 20'+ tall, got them cut to 4' lengths, and had started to bundle them up to put them in the trash weekly. Was cutting back wisteria that spread along the side yard and moving some of the raspberry plants that had spread all over, when...

Oh, what's this? I get a notice in the mail from the city that I have tall grass and have 5 days to cut it or they'll do it for me for $200. Um, what? I looked up front and along the front fence and what little grass there was up there was all trimmed. I called the woman in the city department who sent it and asked DAFUQ, there's no tall grass in my front yard. Well no, my front yard was fine [mind you this is when my front yard was totally covered with honeysuckle] it was my BACK yard. DAFUQ?! I relayed the trees I had cut down, cut back wisteria, moved raspberry bushes, but WHERE was the tall grass because I was unaware there was any. She was sort of snippy and told me I knew where it was. No, I do not, and if you tell me, I'll deal with it immediately and btw, how did you see this?. Again she said I knew where it was and she had looked thru my fence! Yet you claim you can't look thru or over Joyce Birr's fence to see her 24/7 food buffet?. We've cleared that complaint. There's no fucking way you could have because the buffet is still out there 24/7, raccoons are still living in the garage, the back porch awning is covered in raccoon shit and you can smell her house from 40' away. It's not cleared, you choose to ignore it and this is unequal enforcement of the law and since you won't tell me WHERE this alleged tall grass is, good luck having someone getting into my locked fenced back yard! [seriously there no grass in my backyard!! raspberries, trumpet vine, wisteria, valerian, forsythia, ivy, NO GRASS]

I then contacted our council person---who, unlike HURLey, previous one---is actually responsive. Thank fuck HURLey was voted out!! Anyway, he intervened with the city and talked to the woman I had talked too and he said I was just to continue working in my side yard over the summer.

Well, being the contrarian I am, and wanting to give a FUCK YOU to the complainer---i know who did it. I did not do one more thing in my side yard the rest of the summer. Nope. You see someone cutting down trees, etc and then you bitch about imaginary grass? Oh fuck you. Fuck you fuck you fuck you. I found my front yard instead. Since the city considered my front yard fine as it was, well I'll just work up there. Cuz yeah, fuck y'all. When I went in the back I laid on the swing and read a book or took a nap.

Honeysuckle is a tedious bitch to get out once you get to the ground level of it. Prior to getting to ground level, it was rather therapeutic taking the machete through it. There was also wisteria intersped with the honeysuckle.

May 28


August 27. I left a 'bush' of honeysuckle on the photo's right side of the steps. I was truly amazed when I cleared the little hill by the driveway and saw that the eunymus was still alive underneath all the honeysuckle!! Was doing quite well actually. On the right side of the photo is my mock orange bush. I did cut some of it back, but not much.


This area had also been covered with honeysuckle, it had started to spread up the maple tree.


Read 40 books this year. I'll try again in '17 to get to 52. I cannot pick just one as a favorite. So my favorites of what I read in no particular order: The Rainbow Comes and Goes because I greatly admire Gloria Vanderbilt and can relate to how she views things in life. Hard Times by Studs Terkel because I never knew such a book existed! I've checked out a couple more of his books to read. It's a true companion for learning about history. Rosemary, as it not only gave insight into her life; but it showed how she impacted her Kennedy siblings perhaps even more than they realized. The American Axis because FUCK!!! Henry Ford's antisemitism directly influenced many leading Nazis. Charles Lindbergh, they like to claim was naive, and on some things he was; but he also had an impact on WWII. And, End of Watch, as it completed Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes trilogy. What a fantastic trilogy that is!!

I got a 'real' cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy. I can internets on my phone now!! Amazing!!

I also got a new car. Yep. Nissan Altima. Unlike Eddie's car, I can change radio stations on my steering wheel--and volume; and my side view mirrors are heated. No, no we're not competitive AT ALL. Never play miniature golf with us, unless you want to see 2 'non' competitive people redo holes until we get a better score than the other or tie. I think our record is 12 times at one hole. No, we don't follow the rules that you can't redo shots again and again; but we do, of course, let others play thru.



The pentagram USE to be an air freshener years ago, now it's just nifty to have. And yes, those are Mardi Gras beads, no tit showing required.


And thus concludes part one of 2016 in review. It's 7:20am and STILL pitch black. Doesn't even look like it's getting light out AT ALL! Damn.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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