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RX Hell Obama's Fault

so my rx plan won't cover nexium in brand, or generic form, next year....i contacted nexium's manufacturer, as they have a program for low income peoples on medicare plan d, who if their plan doesn't cover it, can get it free...well gee...they no longer have that...when i asked why, they lady said "it's because of obamacare"....can you really say that with a straight face? a billion dollar company probably paying you minimum wage wanting you to tell people it's obama's fault?...."that's what we're suppose to say".....well that's fucked and not true...."i know"....

do they have any alternatives?....well, they have a plan where you can get 3 months worth for $30....okay, that's doable....well that's not available to medicare part d patients....wait, don't tell me, obama's fault?....she laughed....

now why the fuck insurance companies---it's not just mine---aren't really covering nexium and many other similar meds any more i have no idea....oh wait, sure i do....obama's fault....

since nexium is something i don't care if i substitute something else for it---and i don't take it for acid reflux, i have acidic sinus drainage, yes, i'm truly acidic---i call my prescription plan cuz i couldn't find my formula book and trying to look at it online is a PITA....the guy could only find ONE other medication and it was mail order only....you have got to be fucking kidding me....nope....i wrote down the name of it and figured i'd ask my doctor today about it....he did tell me i could get a refill on my generic nexium in january as they were allowing that to give people time to find something else...well isn't that kind of them?

i found my formula book yesterday while continuing cleaning up around my desk---unearthed a few treasures too! now nexium and the like were usually listed under proton pump inhibitors--something like that, stupid sounding.....nothing under that heading....look thru book and they have gastrointestinal agents as a header....ah, there we go....well there's 3 different options available and none are mail order only!!! i'll take the book in today and see what one my doctor thinks i should switch too....

technically i COULD go without nexium or whatever but it's made a HUGE difference and i can eat certain food without it upsetting my stomach....

have a list for my doctor today...provided nothing has changed and she can still see patients where she is going, it will be a few months before she'll be able to see them....so i'll go over my list and of course in the interim see one of the other doctors there....i have a feeling she'll be running behind today as it's her last day there....

we did get some snow last night....probably barely an inch....they say we're going to get more....

my requested from ohio link book still shows 'in transit', so i don't believe i'll be going to kent today....just as well, as i can finish taking notes from a few crow books i have checked out and add them to my 'return' pile....i'll just go to the doctor and then vmac to get like 2 things....


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Dec. 30th, 2016 03:39 pm (UTC)
Oh, good; it's not just me
What the hell is Part D covering these days? My one prescription that I get monthly is no longer being covered either, and I'm being told by the pharmacy that I have to now pay cash for it.

I was told by the Medicare rep on the phone the other day that in this case the "Extra Help" provision will kick in, and I won't have to pay anything, but unfortunately the pharmacy doesn't have that information and won't give me the prescription without payment in full.

I had briefly considered changing my insurance company—I ditched the HMO that I was covered by and now have traditional Medicare/Medicaid—but if everything you say is true, that would be like changing seats on the Titanic.
Dec. 31st, 2016 12:44 am (UTC)
Re: Oh, good; it's not just me
I think it depends what Part D provider you go thru. I know most don't cover nexium or the generic anymore. I have the Aetna Saver Medicare D plan as they're THE ONLY plan that covers my albuterol PILLS. They're also the only plan that doesn't charge a monthly fee, even if you get extra help from the state!!

I have QMB--what it's called in Ohio---it pays my Medicare premiums, deductibles, and my part D premiums, deductibles, etc. I have to pay med co-pays, which in '17 will be $3.30 for generic and $8 something for brand name.

I have original Medicare, never considered a HMO, though I really REALLY wish original Medicare would cover dental and vision!! The QMB program won't cover that.

It sounds to me, you might need to find another Prescription plan. If you're low income and get 'extra help' that pays your premiums you can change plans ANYTIME!!

If your medication isn't covered, have you seen if the manufacturer has a plan? If it's nexium, well we know that's a no. If you want to discuss this in more detail privately, you know my email m99084me@gmail.com

Changing seats on the Titanic seems to sum it up!! Frustrating as fuck and gosh, I get $3 more a month in '17 I should be able to afford anything!!
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