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Snow Outlook

Soooooo much snow fell overnight!! Amazingly incredible amounts! Absolutely no snow fell.

Eddie didn't let me know how things turned out yesterday cuz he tried again to get logged on and he couldn't, so he shut his laptop off. Tried again this morning and yes, ended up calling me to reset his outlook password so he could get on his laptop. I said 50 cents but he said he'd give me a $1 if I could get it to work. Not even a minute. Then there was confusion re: yahoo and outlook. No, I dunno why. Outlook is to sign on to the computer, then you forget about it. Yahoo is your email.

He was happy to get back online, I got a bonus $1 and a bag of cat treats and a bag of dog treats!! He said he didn't realize how much he does online until he can't get on it. That is true.

Really cold out. FUCK!! Think I will continue cleaning desk area endeavors intersped with working on blog posts.

THEY say we're gonna get a couple of inches of snow tonight. Gosh, add to that to what we got last night and we'll have a snow emergency!


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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