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yahoo! email outlook is bleak

no dryer yesterday...will be arriving next thursday....started being productive in here---puter room....thought i would finally go thru papers, piles, etc...then the bedroom...amazing concepts i know....but i usually end up devoting quite a bit of time/effort helping others....know what? i'm gonna help myself and there's nothing selfish about that....

have a minor headache from edward....oh dear jack lord....for some reason the fucking job center makes people keep their resume in their personal email accounts....that entails him not remembering his email password and it having to be reset again and again....well today he needed a verification key that was sent to ME but alas he didn't have his cell phone to call and ask me for it....

he calls me when he gets home saying he needs his yahoo email password reset....fine....i tell him it'll be 50 cents and that brings his total up to $1 and he tries to say he paid me for giving him his gmail password and no, no he did not....so i get into my email where the verification key was sent, write it down and go to log into his yahoo email...he starts telling me he can't log into his email....dude, i'm CHANGING THE PASSWORD of course not!!!...but his computer knows the password....


i painfully explain how he requested it be reset and it doesn't matter if his computer knows it or not he requested it be reset and i was doing that....he then tells me that he got locked out, he tried too much....well that happens, fucking stop....he shut the computer....i reset his password...he reopens his computer....

it won't let me log on to yahoo
you put in the new password right?
yes [and he repeats it back to me]
that's right and i was in it just fine, go to yahoo.com and click on the email icon
i can't get to yahoo
what do you mean?
i'm trying to log into my laptop
oh, that's not yahoo, that's outlook
[i just started to laugh]
you can laugh at me
well duh, yeah
what's my outlook password
in all sincerity and no joking, i have no idea, i know when you had me log on once it wasn't like your usual though
why is it outlook and not yahoo?
cuz you need outlook to log into the computer though you could have used yahoo but they would've wanted your yahoo password, hence my email with outlook is passwordtheivingdicks [it really is, the password is a doozy too but i'll never check it, actually i think i removed outlook from it, yeah, pretty sure i did]
it says i can go to a website to reset it
go to it
it won't let me cuz i'm locked out
go to it on your smart phone
i'm getting pissed off
my 10# sledgehammer is free to use!!
i'll go walk the dogs and let you know what happens

i heard his dogs awhile ago but no call yet....if he would write DOWN passwords....maybe he remembered his outlook password on his walk....

FUCK YOU EATON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU BILL CLINTON FOR SIGNING NAFTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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