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Fuck yeah!!!

Staying in tomorrow---with just a couple forays in the neighborhood, Eddie's to drop off his & his critter's gifts, and to check on the ratmas 'gift'. Can all be done on foot, no driving!! :D

Dare I plan anything? Eh, fuck it. Gotta do some dishes, want to make Roberta's Good Soup since I feel a chest cold coming on, finally oatmeal cookies---side note, i found what I thought was a good sounding lemon cake recipe in a vegan cookbook, um, no. It wasn't dry, it was moist; but the taste wasn't right. I questioned one ingredient but made it as the recipe said. Horrid!! Since I still have Myer lemons to use, I'm gonna make the cake recipe I usually use and add lemon juice to that---decreasing the water/soy milk a bit. I know this one will be edible. The other one was not. I think oatmeal cookies and lemon cake can coexist in the oven and my tummy simultaneously.

Think I'll work in the kitchen tomorrow. I've yet to really use my Taj Mahal pantry and I need to finally do that since I have ladders set up and 50#s of calcium chloride for the delicate roof. grumble grumble fucking roof grumble Need to put appliances I don't use often in the pantry and some canned goods. Since I lost a lot of food when I had that huge honkin' ice dam, I'm now sort of paranoid---despite the ladders up for salting---and plan on putting a sheet of plastic over the shelves in there. Ridiculous, I admit. Rather be paranoidly safe than sorry!! Need to scrub out my cupboards and rearrange them better. NOT a one day job; but if I do one side of the sink---with 2 up, 2 down cupboards and the 2 drawers and counter that would be fanfuckingtastic.

Then I need to figure out where to put my loaner monitor. Think I have a place, if the cord reaches. I named the new PC 'UNPC'. Only amusing to me, but whatever. I am indeed UN-PC though. Hard drive is named Melon.

In other news, I did end up at the neighbor's I cat sit for. They gave me homemade vegan truffles and I think like a dozen homemade black bean burgers, even a package of buns!! Black bean burgers for lunch!! Feel almost tempted to go get french fries, but uh, no. I'll survive just fine having some carrots and an orange with burgers. Then truffles!! No, haven't tried one yet, don't want a sugar high before I go to bed!

I'm gonna slather myself with vicks, start some clothes washing, and go to bed.


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