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merry ratmas...

STILL no completed police report for the shooting across from me. DAFUQ?! Ready to send the APD an email asking that. Yes, DAFUQ?!

Yesterday I had to venture back to vmac as I had forgotten a box of cereal. It was relatively safe there and I had no thoughts of wanting to shank anyone. Shanking with a sharpened candy cane of course. 'tis the season!

I did get my cross stitch in the mail. Didn't go to the post office and thank fuck for that as Eddie said so many cars were trying to get in there they were waiting on Cuyahoga Falls Avenue! I weighed it and put the appropriate postage on it and got up early enough to put it on my door. I would put something out at night with full trust in my neighbors not to do anything to it, but in the middle of the night heinous fuckery most foul by those who aren't regulars here transpires. When the recipient receives it I'll post a pix of it. I rarely cross stitch myself anything but I'm making one of these. Don't know why I hadn't before. Oh I know, cuz I hadn't thought of it til a few weeks ago!!

Since my big project still has about, oh maybe 300 hours left, so no, not a Christmas gift, I'm setting it aside and well, trying to do some things around here, yet life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.

Today I had to go up to a Cleveland suburb to pick up a computer monitor and got some cat flea treatment too. Monitor is a loaner. It will assist greatly when I'm setting up new desktop, which is actually really small. Yeah, I have it already. I haven't done much with it, beside remove the big blocks, stop the ads, make the menu streamlined, etc. I was playing musical monitor with mine and that was a PITA. So I just started organizing my files on this computer before I transfer them. Windows 10 is not bad at all.

When I got home, well, I can't post the photo here, as that would reveal the location. But remember the rat that was murdered? Well, it had been taped into a rubbermaid container---since it had 'returned from the dead' once before, plus the individual wanted to give it to their slumlord as a present. It was obviously outside. So I am driving home and I see that someone had opened the container and obviously freaked the fuck out because the pieces were about 10 feet apart and the dead rat was about 8 feet away from that. It was a clear container too, so they could have SEEN what was in there! Dumb fucks. Would have loved to have seen and/or heard that though!! It's been reassembled. With a bow. Merry Ratmas!!!

Have done pretty much fuck all this afternoon when I got back, aside from dealing with a dead rat for continued mirth and merriment that I hope I can hear if someone is dumb enough to get into it again. Suppose to go to the neighbor's I cat sit for, uh, whenever they get home. I think she said they were having food, so I didn't eat a mid-afternoon huge ass lunch as I had planned and have been nibbling crackers. I'd hate to have eaten and be full. And I didn't want to start cleaning in the kitchen and get all grubby. Ugh.

I'd like to say I'm going no where tomorrow, but I know I shouldn't. That would jinx it. Am getting chest congestion and my neck hurts. I wanted to slather on vicks when I got home but if I'm wandering the neighborhood that wouldn't be polite.

I doubt that rat had any bubonic plague to spread. NO! Not to others, for me! Sure, why not? Not to mention I had a face mask and non-latex gloves and had zero contact with it. That's what shovels are for. I dunno why I can't believe some dumb fuck opened that. This IS the land of misfit toys!!

Traffic, fortunately, wasn't bad today on the highways. I'm sure tomorrow will be a nightmare. Forgot to bring my tablet with me to listen to Prince, so I had to first world problem it and listen to the radio. Didn't see any cops out, which is good, cuz I looked at my speed on 271N and I was going 90mph. OOPS!!! Think the speed limit is 65 so that's not THAT over. Penchance for speed. No road raging today either. Think I'm currently getting hangry though.

Working on my draft posts still and started a year end one. Probably maybe I'm sure a few inneresting things that have transpired this year in my life that I will write about. Though the world seems to have feel apart after David Bowie left this existence and Prince followed. I still just can't.

Alright, 7pm, I'm making a damn sandwich.


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