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[sticky post] I'll give a few FUQs

Frequently Unasked Questions:

Since this is a sticky post (will always be on top),

Random shit in random order subject to be added to at any given time.

Yes, my name is legally Miss Tia. I changed it to that. My Hell Iowa birth certificate that denotes my name change on top. Why would I do that? A primer.

Yes, I do have a donate button, who doesn't these days?

I live in the Land of Misfit Toys. One of the mail carriers said this was the strangest neighborhood in all of Akron. I really can't think of where you could get so much DAFUQ?! in such a small area. I think the Indians who lived here several hundred years ago cursed this particular area, or we're on a ley line, as a friend thinks. Whatever it is, you don't need cable around here.

If you're named here, then you were a part of my life. Good or bad. Whichever it is, I'll definitely denote. Yes, yes, I can use names. In some instances I will not and will say so. That is at my discretion. If for some reason it causes you turmoil, let me know m99084me(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll reconsider. Though if you really irked my ire, you probably shouldn't irk me more. If you just wanna say hey, please do that too. I'm a horrible email correspondent at times though, been working on that for years--getting better at it, not worse, though I seem to be getting worse. I answer written mail PDQ though. Yeah, I like real mail.

Miss Tia
571 Robinette Ct
Akron, OH 44310

VMAC is what I call Walmart. Vast Mecca of America Consumerism.

I'm not PC. Never have been, never will be. Fuck that shit.

My favorite word, since about the age of 12, is counterrevolutionary.

I've been atheist ever since I was forced to go to church at age 4. The answers to my questions for proof was that I just had to "believe", weren't satisfactory to me. As I got older and my questions got better and their answers got more unsatisfactory, it just affirmed things for me. I finally got to quit at 12. Believe whatever you wish, just don't push your beliefs on me. Nor violate human rights with your 'religion', talking about YOU scientology!

Despite being an atheist, I DO believe in other planes of existence after death. I don't think that's deity dependent. Yes, I've had atheists argue I can't be an atheist if I believe that. Militant atheists are just as bad as Evangelical Christians. Accept peoples as they are, provided they aren't hurting you or others.

My life is strange. That's an understatement. Sometimes I have a hard time believing things that have happened; but they have. There's photos, videos, police reports, witnesses, and even for things to happen around the neighborhood, we sometimes say "No one would believe half the shit that happens around here."

My favorite movie is The 'Burbs. I've watched it several hundred times and will watch it several hundred more. I also like silent movies.

Lavender/purple is my favorite color and gee, my house is lavender. Huh, imagine that.

South Park and American Dad are the only current shows I watch. I LOVE South Park!! Haven't had cable since 2000. Live just fine without it. No need for cable, I can just sit outside and watch the neighborhood! Or read a book, garden, cross stitch, etc.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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