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woke up around 3:45am look at the phone to see the time and assumed i'd roll back over and go to sleep....but wait, what this?! i had a missed call and 3 text messages....and obviously i removed their name, #, and the name of who thought someone got shot in the leg....


um, DAFUQ?!?!?!?!? i looked out and cars had creatively gone thru the lot across the street....yep....i slept thru screams and gun shots about 20 feet away....not to mention also my phone ringing....i'm a pretty sound sleeper but i usually wake up if fuckery is afoot....my sound machine was extra loud last night though and i had the 2nd fan on as it was too warm in my bedroom....

couldn't get back to sleep....wasn't fearful of said situation at all but it fucking pisses me off....i saw foot prints of someone who had climbed the retaining wall and went thru that yard the other day....we never had that happen even when the house was vacant for years....i see more footprints along the same trail, so they're climbing the retaining wall at one particularly point....guess what mother fuckers?? next time you climb the wall and step into that lot you're gonna be stepping into dog shit!!!

the other night i was the neighborhood arms' dealer....golf clubs and a baseball bat....yes, those are weapons....and yes, they were used in a murder, so i was an accessory....a rat met it's end....don't think that's really a crime though.....not saying where this was, but it wasn't eddie's....

how/why the neighborhood has a rat problem is perplexing....i can't even pin this on joyce....rats were first seen a few months ago around a house where they were killing chickens in the backyard....but did THAT attract them?? i have no idea....these are fucking HUGE ones....cat sized....the appropriate county department has been notified to come out and bait the whole neighborhood.....much easier than putting on a rain coat and asking rats if they like huey lewis...

speaking of rats....a 2-legged variety named rocky went way too far in one of her, i don't even know what to call it, one of her trouble causing servings of bullshit....not going to relay what she did....but she did something horrible last month, then told everyone it was ME who did it....i have yet to encounter the thing, but when i do, it will be told that until it apologizes to me what it did they need to not speak to me and i'm not gonna argue with them....i know damn well she'll start sputtering 'my dad' 'my uncle' 'my brothers' and i'll just walk/drive away....yes, i will record that....

suppose to be icy out today...might be fun trying to get trash can up front....if it's too icy, i'll ask a neighbor....now to try to function with 3 hours sleep....should be okay....i hope....maybe....probably....dunno....

ETA: 8:15am there's a thin layer of ice outside...had a hard time opening storm door and the handle is still sort of frozen shut....had to pry open trash can lid....whereas i can ask a neighbor to take it up, i really wanna go look across the street....damn you ice!!!! doesn't appear that it'll go away anytime soon either....bugger!!

ETA: 12:15pm they had crime scene tape!!



and where they drove thru the lot and neighbor's yard...


looked and there's a police report online but it's still being processed....no blood seen in the snow....which is good....fucking crime scene tape!! must not have been bullet holes or casings OR maybe? and they processed things before 3:45am? cuz i looked out and saw nada at that time....


ETA: 12:45pm okay, texting doesn't give the full story. Neighbor who texted me just phoned me gave me more info on the incident. Man was shot and was screaming "my leg" "i've been shot in the leg" "i'm going to bleed to death". The ambulance took him to the hospital. Until she told me this, I was assuming the gun shot victim had run off---you read about that happening a lot. I hope he recovers quickly and is able to identify the shooters.

Also, an amusing aside. Neighbor was looking for news on this shooting and googled akron news and this entry came up 7th. She said she already knew what her text said. No other news on this yet! I told her had I woke up I would have been out in my bathrobe videotaping. True facts. Provided it wasn't a fatality--cuz that's just disrespectful and bad karma.

Will there be more updates?! Dunno!!



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