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Weather DAFUQ?!

So we've had a wind chill advisory for last night thru tomorrow AM. Temps to -15. Get up and see we concurrently have a lake effect one thru tomorrow. How the FUCK can it snow when it's so fucking cold out?!?!? It's spitting snow right now, yet it's -12. DAFUQ?!

Yes, I thought we could be too cold to snow. No, I didn't immediately think of the south pole cuz I just finished one cup of coffee and it took too long to get to that cuz Mortimore came up to partake of canned food----think he must have a dental issue and since he and I end up both having asthma attacks when I try to get him to the vet, I'll take the watch and see attitude right now, but he's hydrated, good color, etc---and he's never been up in the morning so that threw Gypsy off, Mortimore refused to get on the 2nd shelf, but Gypsy was fine sharing her shelf with him, then he HAD to run downstairs immediately even though the dogs were there and Panacea chased him. Yes, Pan got a light swat for that. We'll iron out his dining in the bathroom after a few more times.

So yeah, I was thinking too cold to snow. Or I could have been mixing up the words to the Dead Kennedys song Too Drunk to Fuck. I have no idea.

I HAD considered going out and about today to just get it out of the way and NOT have to go out tomorrow, as any Friday in December before Christmas would be busy as fuck. Still debating that. Have a horrible sore throat today, why not freeze?! YEAH!!! Well, I would warm up my vehicle, obviously. Yeah, I think I will, fuck it. I have disposable face masks now to add to my non-latex gloves for store shopping in disease ridden weather. IDGAF what people think. Wait, I'm sick, so I shouldn't use that. I should spread the joy eh? No, wait, I'd be apt to get something else and it'd become some super bug. Dammit.

One cup of coffee blatherings!!!!


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