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Final solution frankenrobe leak

Alas, JT DID make it over Monday!! As is usual with fix its here, it took far longer than it should have. His hands were frostbit as he couldn't really wear gloves and my feet didn't really warm up til yesterday when I took a bath. So that gutter and the metal piece behind it are properly put back in place. Gutter is cleaned out too.

What happened yesterday afternoon when the snow started to melt a bit? Uh huh. Little bit of a leak. You didn't hear me scream? I get up on the back porch roof, yes, ON the back porch roof that was sort of slippery with my ghettoized selfie stick---4' tripod. Filmed up around chimney since now we KNOW it's not coming from that gutter area above the window next to me in here. I saw that the only area on the roof where snow was melting was within 3" of the chimney base. So it's in THAT area. Which takes me back to the very beginning of the leak, when I told J Russell it was leaking EXACTLY as it was when the old flashing was cracked. Now, do I believe they did a good job replacing the flashing? Yes. But could something be wrong now with it? Yes, I think so. JT was saying sometimes when flashing is redone they don't seal far enough out and over time that can cause a problem. Could that be? I have no idea. But right now the general location of issue is found. And yet AGAIN, I climbed into the attic crawl space and there's zero leaking in there.

There is a final solution for this--knock on wood. JT told me of this magical stuff all weather roof sealant. Can be put on in the cold, well down to 5 degrees. Can be put on in the rain even. Doesn't matter!!! FUCK YES!!!!! So 2 gallons of this shall be procured and next week when it's in the 40s and the rest of the snow is melted from the top roof JT is gonna coat within 3-4" of the chimney base and about an inch up the chimney too. TAKE THAT LEAK!!!!!

Still have some Christmas cards to mail out. Have yet to make oatmeal cookies but I believe today is the day. Don't plan on going anywhere, knock on wood, for a few days.

Tomorrow is suppose to be a balmy -10 out during the day, then -15 overnight.

Eddie is going to the job center today to get help doing a resume and signing up for unemployment, cuz someone he knows wouldn't do his resume for him. Gee, who could that be? I'm not the job center and they're there to help people with those things. He can also apply for jobs there too---duh, job center. I would love to watch though, as he's never used any kind of word processing program.

Want to go look to see if there's Christmas lights out some evening, but not when it's so cold out. Yes, vehicle does have heat; but still. Might be one of those years there's no many lights.

Almost 7am and still dark. Hate that. I do love sitting here though in frankenrobe with the hood up. Nice warm frankenrobe!!


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