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One project done & delivered!!

Well, JT did NOT come over yesterday. It was too cold. It might rain soon. We have about an inch of snow that is slowly melting into that really slippery slush. It was VERY cold yesterday morning, as I went out in frankenrobe to give Wendy a couple things. He said he'll be over today after work. Should I hold my breath?? Probably not. Didn't make oatmeal cookies either. Shall try that again today. I did get some sleep last night. I worked on my big cross stitch project yesterday.

And also yesterday, small projects assembled and delivered!! Made ornaments for the neighbor's I cat sit for.

They go for bike rides---well not in the snow; went to Kent; have cats, duh...


Happily ever after was their wedding theme; I also did it in Spanish, as they speak that; yep, a volleyball, he plays it; she volunteers with horses; special cross stitch note: the star was done on 18 ct with 2 strands gold metallic thread, took about 10 hours---I should have done it on at least 16 ct for ease of stitching!


Uh, should be self-explanatory...


Then I put them on a little lighted tree. They never got a tree cuz they usually travel; but this year, I found out today, they'll be around. So that worked out well! And yes, these ARE too big for a little tree, but through the years they might get a bigger tree and they'll be more to size.




Also got them a copy of The Breaking Cat News book. BCN should have another book with MORE of the cartoons! They're being syndicated starting next spring, which is awesome! The BCN site where all the cartoons are there--including probably 100+ more that's not in the book.

Of course the kitties I sit, got freeze dried shrimp, cat nip, and a cat grass kit.

Got up late today, which I suppose balances out since I got up so early yesterday. This sleep fuckery needs to stop though. After my bath I plan on sitting here and working on big cross stitch project. Yeah, I said I'd put that off, but now I'm wondering if I can get done before Christmas---I don't think so, as it IS a big project.

It also takes some time when I switch thread colors, as whoever made this pattern is obviously NOT a cross stitcher! You do NOT use similar symbols in a pattern!!! There's just 10 thread colors in this, so that's not even an excuse! There are two different downward arrows which are hard to differentiate from! Then two different squares!! Yes, I sent them a pithy message. The pattern is very cool though; but FUCK!!! I did consider regraphing it changing the symbols but it's too a large a project not to mention that would take a few days.



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Dec. 13th, 2016 02:07 pm (UTC)
Congrats, the X stitch turn out very purdy! Never worked with metallic floss, but can imagine the headache.
Too bad i no longer stitch, could make some of those for the Yankees...
Dec. 13th, 2016 02:18 pm (UTC)
I'd volunteer to make something for that, but fuck that shit!!! Though I could whip up a 'Damn Yankees' one! :D Oooooo....are they by a nuclear plant?? They need a towel for their front door alerting authorities they're okay in case of nuclear meltdown!!! HAH!
( 2 Peaces spoken — Speak your peace )


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