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early rising sash and slash....

my sleep is fuckered and i don't think i can blame kenalog anymore for it....i've been awake since 4am, got out of bed around 4:30....just got like 3 hours sleep....it's like every other night i get 3 hours sleep, then i'll sleep like 8 or so the next....makes no sense and is getting annoying...

didn't change my sheets before i went to bed cuz i got to reading a long article online....i'll do that this morning....i've done my morning 'internets', which hey, take like 15 minutes tops now since i no longer read gossip sites and limit myself to 2 news sites and i'd like to cut down to just one news site and maybe just read the news every other day or something.....best to just not know what's going on in the world anymore....

found the missing piece of my frankenrobe sash before i went to bed....sewed that together while waiting for hot pot to boil for first cup of coffee....it's a shame terry cloth/cotton robes are so hard to find now a days....and it's my own fault this one got holey....if you have a heavy robe, do NOT pull it out of the dryer when it's entangled in something or under other clothes....you will cause rips at the seams....

it is snowing lightly out....just a very light coating out...i think i'll take pix of small cross stitch items then go work on assembling them----it'll make sense when i can explain/show what it is....

there was a phone call with edward last evening...he wanted to know about 'slashes' in email addresses....i had no idea what he was talking about, which i said, then instead of explaining why, he just repeated "can there be slashes in email addresses?"....i just started laughing....i then asked okay, what's the email you're asking about, let's start there....he then explains WHO it is and why....no dude, your email is ishouldremainaluddite@bannedfrominternet.com what is the email in question??....he tells me....there were NO slashes, where did that come from?....cuz web addresses have http://....stop!!!!....the only thing wrong with that email addy is they forgot the @ sign.....but wait! they don't have the same dot com as me for email....um, there are thousands of different sites for email....you yourself have 3, one at yahoo, one at gmail, and one at att.....

i should have posted that last night, but my head still hurt from that...not as bad as the smart phone though....

ah, this is nice being able to sit here in frankenrobe with the hood up....it's the simple things.....peace and quite....warm robe....now i've jinxed it and gypsy will probably start screaming....

best go start my day....maybe i'll start going thru cemetery photos again when i start to run out of steam....'twould be nice....


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Dec. 14th, 2016 12:57 pm (UTC)
Sounds like every single neighbour I kindly offer to help sort out their internet and phone problems!! lol!! It does do my head in sometimes but I do get cups of coffee with lovely buns or biscuits!

My internet morning business time seems to be up at the moment and I'm a bit fed up of being tagged and PMed to ask me to vote on this and that Eurovision song in all sorts of contests!! I know I love my Eurovision but I wish seventy million trillion people wouldn't contact me about their daily voting things that go on for 17 million years!! lol!!
Dec. 31st, 2016 12:35 am (UTC)
I'm sure you've read my 'phone calls with Edward' through the years. UGH! I have started charging 50 cents--token fee, but still, a lot of the stuff he asks for helps HE KNOWS.

My morning internet is 15 minutes tops now that I've cut out reading news and gossip sites. It's really amazing, and surprising!! Don't get yourself spread too thin!! I know you love Eurovision but there's only so much you can do!!

Apologies for not letting you know before---THANK YOU for your lovely card!! Received it before Christmas!!
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