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Melon YEAH!!!

I felt so shitty yesterday I didn't even take my trash can up. I know I could have asked the neighbors I cat sit for, Wendy, or Edward, but fuck it. It wasn't even 1/3 full and it's cold out, so nothing will rot and reek.

Up early today for Melon's follow up appointment. She got a clean bill of health!! HUGE relief!!! She's even gained about a pound and a half!! Hydration good, temp normal, no lung congestion. YEAH!!!!!! She has about 3 more days of the antibiotic and she is getting more and more feisty about it. Also good!!

Took her home, then went to vmac, krieger's, and giant eagle. Should've went to home depot to get another tube of that super duper caulk and some gutter nails as JT is coming over sometime this weekend to fix something.

Tomorrow, knock on wood, I'm staying in! Making some ghettoized cabbage stew recipe in the slow cooker. Well it's a 3-1 cooker, but I'll have it on slow cook. Has a REALLY short cord. I mean, like 18" probably. My bread machine has a longer cord than the 3-1 cooker. And they say not to use an extension cord. Uh, make a longer cord you ding dongs!!

Did cross stitch a bit today. When I start it up tomorrow I gotta tear a bit off as I was off one. Some fuckwit thought they should do a project on linen. I didn't make the pattern I'm using, but the book I got this pattern from was NOT made by cross stitchers! No real cross stitcher would use symbols in a pattern that look really similar to each other!! You don't do that!! Pattern making 101! I highlight in different colors a segment of symbols I'm gonna do, but I have to reference the originally sized pattern to determine what some of the symbols are. Even then it's hard to tell.

Gotta start charging batteries---the real ones, not mine, I think mine are permanently burned out. It seems we're going to the buffay Thursday with special guest Wendy. Then the tree fest.

I need to start making little cross stitch patterns for something. Yeah, I should have started all this like a month or so ago. I'm really good at procrastinating!

It's been cold and damp. Since I don't like my bedroom warm, I just shut off the register and piled on more blankets. Yes, I know it's weird. I also will have two fans blowing on me too. Can't explain it, I just go with it.

Have emails to reply to, but am just gonna go to bed early. Tired and hopefully can start feeling better.


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