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Snow blow....

started snowing a few hours ago a little bit, then stopped....i was busy with something then i looked out and damn! really coming down and the wind is pretty strong too....suppose to be a balmy 14 tonight....


above is the only outside snow pix i took, as it was already cold and i don't want to get sicker....i'd say from looking from the warmer confines of inside we have at least an inch of snow total...they say up to 2 inches....or more....

while waiting for pan to return to the porch, look what was next to me....not quite sure what this is, but i think i'll keep it....seems friendly enough....rather like the defiant cut of their jib....


not much accomplished today cuz i guess today was just a flusterating day....i did get the cross stitch fabric taped off....realized the big pattern is difficult to have open---cuz it's so big....didn't get much else accomplished....

will try again tomorrow....think i'll have my phone off all day....that might make things go easier...i'm just 'not here'....nope....technically i don't think i've been 'here' for quite some time....HAH!

ETA 10:24pm snow is still coming down, about 2" so far....now they say up to 4" inches....if it wasn't so cold and blowy and i didn't feel so awful i'd go take photos....it's gorgeous out.....will have to wait til the next one....odds are good it'll snow again....


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Nov. 21st, 2016 05:19 am (UTC)
Give that 4 legged crittur a skritch under the chin from me!

My own is having puppy dreams. We little yips in her sleep!
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