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Melon oatmeal moon....

So Melon (cat) was hospitalized Monday. When I called around 2pm her temp was down to 102, which is normal in a cat; but they wanted it lower, since it had been so high and she was still curled up sleeping. The doctor--not the regular one I see, though all are quite qualified--really wanted to do blood work but aside from costing $100 more would it change any treatment options? No? Well then, no. I did say if she peed they could do a urinalysis. Since she was getting IV fluids I figured she'd pee eventually there.

Doctor called me around 5pm. After 2 doses of IV antibiotics and a special injection of something--I'd have to look on the bill--to make the fever go down, she finally perked up and ate a bit. She also peed and it showed her bilirubin levels were high. That could be indicative of a liver issue or something else breaking down the red blood cells, like um, an infection? She hadn't been vomiting or having any other issues, so I don't think she has a liver issue. The doctor said "If we could do blood work..." Let's work with the not her liver theory, unless blood work is free? Yeah, we're going with not her liver theory.

Because the doctor really wanted to 'attack' whatever kind of infection she has going I could use Mithras' antibiotic. YEAH!! Melon is on a major dose of that. She also was gonna send me home with the IV bag they had used on her for me to give her subQ fluids for 3-5 days. She said she'd give her another shot of antibiotics in the IV line and then give her a dose of fluids subQ before I took her home. But I could start moseying that way.

Got there and there was my expensive Melon! She didn't look too perky, but she might have been irritated and just wanted to go home. I made her hold on a minute in the warmed up vehicle so I could snap a super moon pix, as they had said it was gonna be cloudy and I figured while I had a chance I should take a pix of this month's super moon---this is like every month now, right?


Once we got home and sorted out, I put a cat box in the bathroom, as that's her 'hang out' area, for her convenience; make a ghettoized doggy gate so the dogs can't get past the landing---as they would eat any food out for Melon; and got her a few towels to lay on. Opened a can of food and she ate!!! Not a lot; but she tucked in really good!! Few hours later she sucked up all the broth from a Fancy Feast 'broth'. Since then, knocking on wood OW! that hurts my head!! She's been eating very good. Yesterday she was even in the bathroom window for a bit. I don't think she was today; but it was cold out today. I was gone a couple hours this afternoon too, so she might have been. Fingers and paws and everything crossed for continued improvement!!

So Monday, after Melon was admitted, I went home, took a bath, then went on a mini road trip to a friend's. Had Prince blasting, which is always nice, and only had one occasion of road rage and I don't think this was due to lack of sleep that day either. It might have mostly justified too. I sort of blame the super full moon!

I say this enough so it should be known; but ever since I saw the movie Duel at the age of 3 I've been scared of semis but Monday? I think lack of sleep and lack of giving a fuck--oh wait, that one's every day---made me not scared at all. This one semi started coming over into my lane on 480. Yes, I COULD see his mirrors quite clearly. He was looking in them and looking at me. I sped up to get in front of him, cuz really, what were my options? There was another car behind me so I couldn't slow down. So I'm in the other lane--the lane he was in, thinking he'd go to the left lane. Nope. He started tailgating me. Cuz um, I didn't want to get crushed by his semi? The speed limit was 55 and I was going 75--I have a slight penchance for speed. You wanna ride on my ass Mr. Prick?? Let me align myself with this slower vehicle in the other lane and lets crawl along while you look at my finger. Toot your horn, I don't care, I'll turn up Prince to drown that out. Then we went to like 4 lanes wide and I just bolted the fuck away. Fly fly fly...

I realized radio stations are going to go to ALL Christmas music ALL THE FUCKING TIME next week, not all, but I think 3 that I flip through, so I gotta keep my tablet charged to take along with me and I'll provide my own music. Yes, I could put music on my phone; but effort? It's already on my tablet.

Yesterday I went down to Dollar General for like 2 things. I ended up with a cart full. Got at least a year's worth of laundry detergent, as it was on clearance; paper towels; tp; you know, things you splurge on. I might need a new definition of splurge. Anyway, the checkout line was really really long. That's par for the course there. There's a woman checking out, then suddenly she walks away from the cash register and goes back into an aisle. Uh?? The line gets longer. The manager comes up and asks the cashier where the customer went and she said "she said she needed oatmeal". Manager starts taking people at the next register. After checking out 2 people and no sign of the oatmeal woman, she voids out her order so that cashier can start checking out people. I finally get up to the register the manager is manning. Get all rung up, then I look at her and say, "Can you hold on a minute, I gotta get some oatmeal." The look on her face!!!! Then she started laughing, told the cashier who started laughing, people in line were laughing and who shows up at that moment? The woman who had went for oatmeal like 15 minutes before!!! It made it funnier!

The oatmeal woman, of course, didn't think it was funny and didn't understand why her order was voided and she had to start checking out again. A guy in line told her "Even if you made us all oatmeal cookies you don't keep people waiting like that." And he said in a good natured way. The oatmeal woman's lights were on, but no one was home. She didn't get it.

Alright, gotta go give Melon her bedtime dose of antibiotic. Get some laundry started, then make a shopping list and check it twice for tomorrow. Running the streets tomorrow, don't want to be out this weekend. Not only will there be Thanksgiving shoppers, they are saying we might get 1-3" of snow!!! Have ladders ready for 'protect delicate expensive new back porch roof and gutters from ice dam' maneuvers and will be getting another 50# of calcium chloride, still have some left from last year; but wanna get some NOW to 'be prepared'! I think we're gonna get slammed this winter.

Aside from Almanacs saying we're having a 'shit gets real' winter, I saw a totally black woolly bear. The wider their black segment, folklore says, the worse the winter. This fellow is 'shit gets real'. I had him on a left as he was prickly too. Shit gets real HARSH!


Suppose I should add 'retirement' card to my shopping list. I wonder if Hallmark has a 'so you're going to give someone grey hair' card? I guess in Eddie's case that would be a retirement card. Major magical mystery tour tomorrow. Oh, the shoe stretcher hasn't done much to the too fucking narrow WIDE SIZED shoes I got a couple years ago---but didn't really need til like a month or so ago when my holey shoes got a little too holey. So I'm gonna go to Kohl's and try to find another pair of shoes that are truly wide. I don't normally NEED wide shoes. But the pair of New Balance I have are actually wide, yet STILL narrow as fuck. I'm gonna avoid NB shoes. I saw on Kohl's website there's a pair of Fila shoes that might work---they look okay. I'll check 'em out. Are decent shoes without holes a splurge? Doubtful.

I have YET to start any cross stitch projects!! I DID get a pattern enlarged yesterday. MUST START LIKE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! I procrastinate really really well!!


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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