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Call 1-800-FUCK-OFF

If anyone wanted to send Edward 'Happy forced retirement, fuck Eaton and fuck NAFTA' cards, we're having a surprise retirement party for him this upcoming Sunday. No, I doubt Hallmark makes FUCK EATON and/or FUCK NAFTA cards; but I know they make retirement cards. You can send them to me---since this a surprise retirement party---and I'll video him opening them:

Miss Tia--retirement [so I know not to open it]
571 Robinette Ct
Akron, OH 44310

I guess I'll accept sympathy cards as the last fragile holds of my sanity will leave. I'm sure Hallmark has "They're coming to take you away HAHA HEHE to the funny farm..." cards. Same address, just Miss Tia--UR FUQ'D.

Obviously yesterday didn't go as planned. Didn't get to eat lunch, had dinner in the oven, trying to fill my weekly pill holder with supplements.....grinch ring tone of doom......his cell phone....nada....nothing....so i hang up thinking he dialed accidentally.....5 minutes later, grinch ring tone of doom from his cell phone again....

[i hear him saying to someone] 9985 [not my #]
what the fuck are you doing?
what's your phone number?
what the fuck are you doing?
i'm at hallmark [side note, i get him the hallmark grinch ornaments every year for xmas but this year he's being a dick and got them himself and this involves giving me a RAGING headache] and need your #
that's not needed for the sale
but you can get points
i don't care
what's the #
it's my OLD # 330-687...
330-657 [he's telling it to the cashier]
NO!!! 687
[then the phone disconnects as there is hardly no antenna in that store]

he calls back:

STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[phone cuts out]

he calls back:

don't swear you're on speaker phone
well hopefully someone listening can understand me as you cannot and if you can hear me, imagine putting up with this ALL THE TIME! Say a prayer, light a candle, thank your stars it's not YOU! 330-687-6624
they got it
i got a headache

i wait about 10 minutes and phone him as i knew he'd be in the car by then...

why the fuck didn't you get your OWN hallmark store card????
i don't need one
i don't need one either, FFS dude!!!

So Melon has a vet appointment this morning at the asinine time of 11:10. Really more so asinine since I've been awake since 3:15. Whee, like 3 hours sleep. Watch.the.fuck.out. Oh wait, that's every day. I suppose more so today than others. I am pretty sure she's having a dental infection again. Once I get home with her, I have to go to a friend's and that'll be an hour and a half round trip. At least? that should be relaxing. Driving is relaxing for me, usually. I'm taking the tablet and shall play Prince. Actually I'll put more Prince music on it this morning.

Yesterday the only thing I eventually got done was changing cat boxes. I wanted to make vegetable soup in the crock pot but by the time I got home, I would have ended up eating at 10pm. Won't be able to do it today either. Tomorrow??? I can try again. I definitely need to stay in a few days and chill the fuck out as I've been going going going out and about too much daily. Not good for my anxiety. Though of course Edward soon to be home all the time isn't good for my anxiety!!

I'm going to be working from home, yes, a real genuine job, in a couple months and I'm gonna have to probably just block his calls during those hours. What'cha think of that troll?? Actually, I have to thank the troll, as if it wasn't for them I wouldn't know the person who has a job for me. And yes, absolutely everything will be properly reported.

Still have the huge honkin' catch up post I've been working on and off on. Been slowly going through my Glendale photos too.

I have two, no wait, three, Christmas cross stitch projects to make. Have I started? OF COURSE NOT!!! One has a projected time of 300 hours. That's doable in like 5 weeks, right? One should just take probably like 6 hours TOPS once I make the pattern. The other one is in 'pieces' and each piece should take 1-3 hours. I don't want to say what it is, lest the recipient reads here. I also need to make the pattern for that too. I think while I wait for the sun to show a bit before I let the dogs out, I'll dig out my graph paper and start making patterns.

If Wendy is around for Thanksgiving she'll be joining Edward and I at the buffay, then going to see the tree display. Should see if the neighbors I cat sit for routinely are going to be around, if so, they could join us too. I really need to remember to ask if they're okay with the names I thought of for them.

Best start making patterns. Have quite a 'to do' list which keeps growing longer. Have a feeling tomorrow and perhaps Wednesday the phone is going to be OFF. Flat out OFF. Need to recharge. Also need to get a 'sad light' cuz fuck having another winter of depression which gets worse and worse every year. This lizard needs her sunshine.


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