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Alcatraz cooking day fall....

before i toddle off to bed....i got my bedroom ghetto storms up and pulled something in my left thigh when pulling myself into my window....i don't go DOWN the ladder, just climb in the window next to my bed--that was obviously open and unlocked then.....wash and waxed the vehicle, but hadn't written down to wipe down the inside, which is duly noted now....got the shoe stretcher in my shoe....went on a metro park hike....gorgeous gorgeous day for it...

went to firestone park...



got alcatraz swag from the neighbors i cat sit for...we're gonna look up some of the recipes on the flour sack towel, zucchini sauce? and have an alcatraz cooking day!!



so tomorrow is food stamp day---yes troll i'm gonna get something just for you, i do every month!! after i get back from that running around i'm gonna clean under the porch steps and if it still hasn't started raining i'll clean inside the vehicle...then i gotta start going thru cross stitch pattern books....at least i have an idea of what books i need to look at....

my bank 'upgraded' their site over the weekend and this is the most fucked up thing i've ever seen....i'd love to know what kind asshat promoted this 'shiny' in front of a big wig there....it's not easy to find anything for starters, then everything pops up in new windows---even if you have that shut off....impossible to really know what the fuck is going on....

which is life in general....hah! who knows what the fuck is going on....i dunno....and i don't think i care anymore--did i ever?


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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