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ETA: I couldn't embed this on my phone and since I was in bed, I had to wait til this morning---apparently youtube won't give you an embed code on mobile device cuz??--anyway, I did indeed yell out my window. Had Cleveland won they wouldn't have stopped around here, cuz gee, isn't EVERYONE a Cleveland fan and wouldn't EVERYONE want to be up all night?? Land of Misfit Toys town crier. No, wait, I wasn't crying. HAH!

I have get a couple things today and was just going to get everything at one store. Though I got 4 hours sleep, after the vet appointment this morning--routine, nothing wrong--I think I'll go to a couple different stores, cuz I won't have to deal with people assuming I'm a Cleveland fan today!!! Should I assume everyone is a Cubs fan?? Would I do such a thing??? Of course!! Think I'll ask where I can get a World Series Champion shirt. I seriously would get one if anyone was selling them, though I can't imagine a place having them around here. Oooooo!!! I gotta go by that corner where that woman told me to "die in a fire" when I said "go Cubs". I'll ask her if she has a World Series champ shirt!!


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