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Now, I'm not particularly into sports; but I grew up watching the Cubs on WGN, most times to listen to Harry Carrey go off topic or trying to say player's names backwards. Somewhere he's shouting "CUBS WIN!!! CUBS WIN!!! HOLY COW!!!!" Attending games at Wrigley Field you could watch him getting a fresh beer every inning. That would explain a lot of broadcasts. But hey, who wants a boring commentator just discussing the game?

Of course they'll probably blow it in the world series, I sure hope not though. If they win the series, I'll be a party of one yelling out my window and honking my car horn, as apparently that's what Cleveland fans do, as when the basketball team won. I don't have a gun to shoot off though. Huh. Cuz you're suppose to do that too. I'll just yell louder. That's if they win the series. I gotta get Eddie's log in for his new cable so IF it looks like the Cubs are gonna win the series, I can watch it. Otherwise, I don't want to watch it, as I don't like Cleveland teams. Yes, if the Cubs win, I'll go to stores and be like people were about the Cavs. "Great game huh?" "Wasn't that amazing?" HAHAHA GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the Cubs win the World Series, then ONE good thing would have happened in 2016!!


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