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Gypsy Screams Corner Religion

Haven't had a Gypsy scream in awhile. So, of course, while I was sitting here concentrating on something suddenly there was a Gypsy scream. Imagine nails on a chalk board at 130 decibels. That's what it's like. I yell out "WINDSOR!!!!" because I know Windsor has gotten within 6' of her. She screams AGAIN. "GYPSY!!!!" Another scream. "DON'T MAKE ME GET UP!!!" Loudest scream yet. I get up, go to the hallway and Windsor was on the landing and Gypsy was about 10' away down the hallway. Uh???

Windsor looked at me with a 'no clue what her malfunction is' look. Gypsy, once I got within 8' of her, flew off to parts unknown. Ah, feral cats. No screams since then, thankfully.

Up since 4am. Couldn't get back to sleep so I got out of bed a little before 5. I'm blaming that on the full moon.

Did a metro park yesterday for the hiking spree. One down, 7 to go. Beautiful gorgeous day out. Suppose to be like that today but with some wind. Dunno if I'll go to a park or not. I got to make a ghettoized shoe stretcher for my new tennis shoes I got a couple years ago, and finally just started wearing. They're too tight on the left side of my left foot. So my bunionette there is hurting. When I spent 4 hours at Glendale Sunday I was wearing my old shoes. If I go to a park today I'll definitely wear my old shoes. They're very holey, and yes stretched out.

I did NOT go around the block to get a pix of this, and I shall regret not doing so for quite some time. On my way home from my hike on the corner of Blaine and Tallmadge were 2 Jehovah Witnesses. Yes, set up on a street corner. Now one block down you'll get other types of 'business' on the corner. But here were 2 Jehovah Witness ladies with a wheelie suitcase with JW.org in big letters on it and each had armfuls of WatchTowers to hand out to all the high school and junior high kids going west and to all the grade school kids going east. I'm sure the kids appreciated that. I really should've went around the block, went down Blaine and I could have got a pix while at the stop sign at Blaine.

I always thought it weird you had to peddle your religion door to door; but working it on a street corner?!

Since I got up so early I doubt I'll get much done today. I already feel tired. Dafuq I couldn't feel tired at 4am and go back to sleep?! I'll try to work thru it and have a productive day.


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