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A Kent Halloween Primer for Wendy....

....and obviously anyone else reading this....

I didn't start making composite videos til 2009, but you don't wanna miss great creative fun stuff do ya?! of course not! All photos thru out the years with DATES are Edward's!! He would want that known--I also don't like the date to show on my pix.

Post, with a few video snippets 2007

2008 some short vid clips and Nosferatu pix!

2009, I started making vids with the pix and some video snips included. Black squirrels are a thing in Kent.

2010, has the Thriller dancers--before the Sea Queen, my 'best' costume was Antoine Dodson! I dragged Eddie around downtown about 3 extra times cuz I knew there'd be an Antoine down there and YEAH!!! There was! Hide yo kids, hide yo wives!

2011, has the Godzilla I was telling you about.....they were running around downtown with that whole set up, then stopping for a bit, then running off again, trying to shoot down Godzilla...AND this year has the Heaven's Gate cult member! RANDOM!!!



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