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Baking blimp burn

Clocked in for the last assured beach day at noon. As with yesterday i'll be here til past 4. Saw blimp twice yesterday, just a glimpse. Just saw it now, and it approachec from the west, so much longer view!!! Hope they come back. Nepalese are having a funeral pyre or something. Huge flames, smells horrible. Vertigo is improving though the funeral pyre isn't helping. Yes, have emails to get to. Things to post here too. But i'm posting this from the app while, um, exactly as pictured. Blissfully baking, listening for the blimp, and smelling burning human flesh--i'm half joking there, this isn't a bonfire or cookout. Best not to know and hope that charlotte calls the fire dept on them. Surprised she hasn't already. Okay, now they're burning incense and chanting. Well the land of misfit toys is ending summer weather in typical fashion: atypical.  For the inquiry about the back of my legs, they're literacy white like my neck.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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