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GOT 3 blimps pix!! THANK YOU!!!! It's interesting that the bottom one is different from the other two. What a wonderful uplifting site though---BLIMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wendy gave me a captive fairy light from Scary Larry Monsters. Nice warm glow in this past week's dreary grey raining gloom.


She also gave me this magnet, from the same place. I don't think the camera quite catches how expressive the face is; but the face is very expressive.


After the last summer sun day--previously blogged about, I swear that seasonal affective disorder jumped out the very next day and attached itself to me. Nice warm sunny day, then cold, damp, grey, dreary, and raining ALL WEEK. SAD can fuck the fuckity fuck right off; but it seems to like me. I'm gonna have to get me one of those light boxes cuz every year, usually not til January though, I know I get this. If it's starting THIS early though, oh hell no! I'll fight back!!

Recall a couple years ago, actually 2 years ago in August if you wish to be exact, my chimney flashing was old and cracked and I had a minor wall leak in here? You don't? Well now you're up to speed. Flashing was replaced, duh, by J Russell as this was when they were still working on my pantry and had replaced the back porch roof. It's been raining all week long. For some reason Thursday, after 5pm, I have a minor wall leak again in the same damn spot. I did immediately notify J Russell. Since it's not a major leak, they'll be out Monday. I can't foresee it being a flashing problem since it's new.

Since I have insatiable curiosity, I crawled up into the attic crawl space---have you ever crawled over insulation? It's fun [no it's not]. Nothing amiss in the attic, thank goodness. The bouquet of plastic flowers I tossed up there when I moved in here are still in fine shape. Yes, I tossed flowers in attic. Some day someone else will live here, they'll look up there and see flowers in the attic. Will they get the reference? No idea. They're apt to hear me laughing from somewhere though!!

Went out, in the rain, to look at the chimney. I am thinkering some of the mortar needs replaced. Saw a couple fine cracks--as in minutely small, not 'fine' as in 'oooo he's so fine'. That could very well be it. Didn't rain overnight, and the wall is dry now.

Waiting for daylight. Oh yeah, so a month from now when it gets to be getting bright around this time, we'll 'turn back' the clocks so we can get up in the dark for a few more weeks again. Fucking ridiculous.

Since I have no idea when J Russell is coming Monday, and I don't even need to be home, though I most certainly will be, I rescheduled Baby's follow up appointment that was, obviously, for Monday. I dunno if the doctor will want to keep her on antibiotics longer or not, hence why she's going for a follow up as we have no idea what happened to her. Her walking was improved within 24 hours and I've tried to see if her pupils are still D shaped but playfully bops me on the nose when I do that.

Have yet to get my tires rechecked, as I've yet to return to Kent. I really think the tire light just needs reset. Debating if I wanna go today, as the books I requested from Ohio Link have all arrived. I have 5 to return, still 10 to read; but one of the Ohio Link books I really want to read NOW. Bee in bonnet type situation. I think we know where I'll be going later this morning.

Set aside the research project that was really doing my head in. Need some time to detach from that, then I'll return to it. I also want to finish the bigger project I've been working on.

Ah, 7:15am and the crows are clocking in for a day of crowing! I jotted down what day, but can't be bothered to look in my notebook right next to me, they started to use the clock in/out tree again. So amazing how with the seasonal change they change their commute--or should that be crowmute?--patterns. They always patrol this area though, no matter the season. I'm thinking that perhaps in fall/winter this is a shorter commute route for them, thereby helping to conserve their energy.

Found a journal style I like and might change to, BUT, whereas all the other style types have a list of features of what you can/cannot edit, this style does NOT. Weird. This style also has some you can buy, so you'd think they'd have a list of features. Not buying one, the one I like is free. So if you see this in a different style/color scheme, it might be temporary, as I might have to just change it to that to see what I can/cannot edit. That's even annoying to think about, but alas, curiosity will more than likely drive me to do that.

Best go start my day.


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Oct. 1st, 2016 02:30 pm (UTC)
What amazing gifts! Friends with good taste are the best.
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