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blah blah bah.....

someone left me a comment the other day saying they had lost my email....i replied to the comment....i have no idea who it is though, so if you could give me a clue--i won't unscreen that comment---i'll find your email and contact you if you wish...

so yesterday i truly was determined to do some yard work....alas, i got into a very pleasant conversation for about an hour with a neighbor's visiting dad....and then? well gee, i thought it just best i sit in the street....

aside from THEY saying it's gonna be partly cloudy today, i just see the sun a shining....haven't even taken a bath yet as i slept late...to avoid distractions and diversions i think i'll stay in the backyard til i accomplish some work....

gotta look up tomorrow's road closings as it's the 'blue line' AKA roadrunner marathon....i call it the blue line marathon as, yep, there are blue lines painted along the side of the roads that they run on....they close intersections and streets for IIRC 30 minute periods...they come thru north hill, last year down gorge which entails closing tallmadge over rte. 8 for a bit, then cuyahoga falls avenue....since i wanna go to kent to finally get my tire situation sorted, i need to know 'safe' times to leave...

best go start my day....have my one big research project i'm working on, but have since got diverted with another research project....i obviously don't research while sitting in the sun, though i will outline the info i've gotten so far, for a bit, and start to put puzzle pieces to together...."stat jockey", ffs, that still just flummoxes me....


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Sep. 23rd, 2016 02:51 pm (UTC)
Did you receive a photo of triplet blimps?
Sep. 24th, 2016 08:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Blimps
TRIPLET blimps?!?!? NO!!! I got the other, and I posted a thank you! TRIPLET BLIMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are you??
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