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things that just make you go DAFUQ?!

got up really early 5:30--which is early if you were reading til 12:30 or so...but sometimes you wake up and know you aren't gonna get back to sleep....looked at the phone and saw i had a text from the new neighbor---i'm gonna have to ask her what name she'd like to known as here....i'll suggest perhaps wendy, a la wendy testaburger from south park....anyway, still for now 'new neighbor' had texted me around 3:30am asking if i could check to see if her furniture had been delivered as the movers were being dicks and she was on her way here....she said they had threatened to leave it outside instead of waiting til she got there and/or when someone else could be there to take it inside....

hadn't wandered the land of misfit toys in my bathrobe in quite awhile, so i went to look around 6am, after i got one cup of coffee in me, and holy fucking shit, they left it all outside!!!! i'm still just dumbstruck by that....i took a couple pix and texted back and she phoned me....i walked around and told her what all i saw....from the condensation on it, compared to the condensation on the ground, i'd say it'd been there probably most of the night....she said she knew it hadn't been there at 10pm when someone went to check....i know it wasn't being dropped off at 11:30 as i heard nada when i let the dogs out at bedtime....

they left no paperwork that i could see either....they barely left a path to the door....i had to go sideways to get around there...

so i said i'd be 'on call' for when they got here and wanted to start hauling stuff in....i think we two can get most of it inside....a couple things will require assistance, i think, yeah, pretty sure....we can round someone up around here to help....

i had already thought of not doing yard work today--as it's suppose to be sunny today and party cloudy tomorrow....so hey , that works out....after moving stuff, i can rest from that in the street in the sun....wanna finish the book i'm reading....also working on a research project...as in real research and not being a "stat jockey" for someone....i really gotta write about the convention hell experience...

i had mentioned to the person who caused me the most problems i loved to research, so gee, they made me an incredible offer based on that: they'd send me website links and i could take statistic numbers from the sites for them being a "stat jockey" and they'd publicly thank me as payment....when i replied, aside from pointing out that by the time they linked all the sites, they could just get the stats themselves, i made clear the type of research i do....in depth research, analysis, cross referencing of things, etc mostly with public records of government employees...though i've researched other things, i always try to be thorough no matter what the project is, ensure i have primary sources, etc....fucking "stat jockey"? dafuq?! of course they then backtracked....eye roll....really gotta write about that....probably would also be therapeutic too....should write about some of my previous research too....the government dox work....i did that for free, as i consider/ed it a public service....i know what i can and can't publicly say there...

ah, the new neighbor had to confirm the name of the movers....just got a text with that--they're still on their way here....JJS transportation are the fucktards who dicked her around, fucked her over, then dumped her stuff outside....their motto: Our Reputation is Your Guarantee! ...well their reputation is total shit, so their guarantee is total shit....JJS must stand for Joker Jerk Shitheads....

now off to check clothes in the dryer, feed the dogs, take a bath and be 'on call'....


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Sep. 21st, 2016 03:10 pm (UTC)
"publicly thank me as payment"!

As Jesus said to the moneychangers who refused to pay the temple a licensing fee: "Money talks and bullshit walks."
Sep. 22nd, 2016 12:42 am (UTC)
Oh that's a GREAT Bible verse! :D

The thing that irks me more about that "stat jockey" thing was that they considered that 'research'. It takes quite a bit to insult me, but being offered---like it was a plum opportunity---to be a "stat jockey" was really an insult!

I spent hundreds of hours working with the Akron records and I wasn't compensated for that. I freely did that as a public service as some investigative units had funding cut short. They could CHECK my work, they didn't have the money to DO the work I did. But that, of course, was something I volunteered to do!!

Fucking "stat jockey"!! FFS!!! You will not believe what that person put me through with the convention planning. I gotta blog about that some day soon. I'd like to be somewhat sensitive to the individual as they need help---that sadly I don't think they're getting---but DAMN! They made my life hell, and they even were threatening suicide. Who deals with that when it comes to convention planning?? I gotta stop volunteering for things and also avoid joining groups!!
Sep. 22nd, 2016 12:05 am (UTC)
I lost your email
I do not know why you have said what you have said re: Tony, but why me? I have supported you in the only way I can, since I live so far away, financially. I just do not understand.
Sep. 22nd, 2016 12:33 am (UTC)
Re: I lost your email
I have absolutely no idea who this is. This post mentions the individual with the "stat jockey" offer and I know you are NOT that individual--writing style, plus they know who they are. Who you are, I have no idea. If you give me a clue I will email you and perhaps we can discuss this privately, unless you'd like to discuss this publicly---that choice is yours. I unscreened this comment in hopes you'd read my reply so I can figure out who you are.

There are many--I would say most all--- bunkerites, as I stressed in my one post, who are good people at heart. It was very difficult for me to 'disconnect'---to use sci-parlence, but as my doctor was stressing to me, I needed to "get away" from all that. I've been thinking of doing a 'goodbye to all that revisited' as there was misconstruing about what I defined as 'love bombing'. People who emailed me with genuine messages of concern were NOT love bombing me and I answered every one of them, that I got. I know on Marty's blog when he linked to the post Jimmy3 said he had emailed but I didn't receive it. I told him, and will say again here, I believe him when he said he sent it. His email wouldn't have been 'love bombing' either. The server for my tia@misstia email was really messed up---hence why I no longer use that email.

I'm unsure what else to say, as I don't know who I'm talking to. I sent emails to people I felt close too, apologizing, as I felt horrible---I still do; but physically I was NOT in good shape. I understand any hurt, anger, etc about that too. I deserve it all. And I'm sure confusion. I hope you PLEASE leave me some clue---or even your name and I will NOT unscreen that comment. If I had emailed with you before I would have your email and I will email you. If I have you phone #, I'll even phone you if you wish. If you leave me a clue that needs to remain 'screened'---meaning it will NOT become public---I will post a 'new' comment saying I got your comment and that I emailed you.

I'm sorry that somehow in this post you think there's something about you. I sincerely don't want to hurt, anymore than I know I already have, people who were truly my friends. Things happen that are hard to explain, that hurt, and your comment has upset me as I have no idea how I could have upset you with this.
( 4 Peaces spoken — Speak your peace )


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