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full moon fuckery....

still not outside....will be there in about 15 minutes after i post this, make a PB sandwich, fill water bottle and away i go....

was going to get in bath, saw city truck outside....go out and it's street cleaning....they said they were doing dead ends---trimming by fire hydrants and making their clear....all well and good....go to dryer and get my clothes, take them up to the bedroom, look out a window and see a butterfly bush branch!!!! my butterfly bush is/was in front of the fence in the middle, no where NEAR the fire hydrant!

fly out thru the yard and go thru gate by dead end...in those few seconds ALL the branches that had been flowering were cut off and he was cutting the morning glories that were ON the fence--again in the center of the fence no where near the dead end....."WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!" well apparently the butterfly bush was blocking the sidewalk and was in the street---by about 6".....it's a dead end, do you notice that no one could even use these sidewalks as they're about 12" wide?....they point to vaughn's house [yes, it'll always be called that despite his passing] and claim it might be in their way.....uh, no, i've asked them and the property owner, they have no problem.....i notice the hosta and a raspberry bush i had in front of the fence were gone too....WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!? they were fully in front of the fence!

he wanted to target my rose of sharon, which yeah, that's like 3 feet over the street.....i reiterated it was a dead end....the fire hydrant was STILL visible if you approached the dead end---that's the important thing---and the other neighbor's [in vaughn's house] had no problem with it....had they NOT brutally murdered my butterfly bush i probably would have been okay with them trimming the rose of sharon....but NO!!!

then they sprayed weed killer all over the dead end up to my front yard.....now, when horrigan was still our council person he got us on the 'do not spray' list as the LAST time that happened 'someone's' kid had a legitimate [no faking] asthma attack, as did myself.....i think my asthma is fine today but i have a metallic taste in my mouth.....yes, i sprayed the weed killer all off when they left....

i really want to do yard work today but FUCK! talk about full moon fuckery.....i'm really tired too....i'll try to muster on for awhile outside though as it's gonna rain tomorrow and apparently also sunday...

oh, here's the kicker, they didn't remove the ivy covering the fire hydrant!!! they're there to clear the hydrant area but not the hydrant itself?? uh???

grrrrrrrr........i should have a warning label today.....yeah, i know, every day.....


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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