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...Edward has a job reprieve until November!!!!! Yes, the crowd goes wild!!! That's when they'll probably be fully shut down.

...my right shoulder/arm has been bugging me for almost a week and I have zero idea what I did to aggravate it. It's sort of prohibited me from getting much yard work done, as I don't want to aggravate it more. Today though, it'll have to get aggravated as I'm doing yard work dammit. Since I got up so early, I can foresee myself ceasing such endeavors early afternoon, if it's sunny, to sit in the street reading. Suppose to rain tomorrow, so I would like to get some work done in the yard and bundle up more tree branches. Not many left, though I'm eyeing more tree branches to cut down!

...Melon had a huge honkin' mouth abscess. I had no idea what it was and was fully prepared for that vet visit to 'not end well'. It formed really quick, and the doctor says that happens. He showed me where it was draining. We were both VERY relieved --I'm sure Melon too. She got subQ fluids, a pain shot, and antibiotics. She was eating again that afternoon and within a couple days you could hardly tell there was ANY abscess!! YEAH!!!!

...was very excited to watch the new episode of South Park yesterday. DAMN!!! Kyle's dad, dafuq?! Looks like it's gonna be another great season!

...speaking of South Park, there's a new neighbor in the Land of Misfit Toys and they love South Park. YEAH!! Finally someone I can discuss episodes with! Yes, they got a brief history of the neighborhood too, including what I call it.

...and it's 6:38am and still dark out. Ugh.


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