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Thank you kindly newspaper clipper!!

To whomever sent me the photo of the two BLIMPS!!!!!!!! at Wingfoot from the newspaper, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very much appreciated!! Got it the other day and I apologize for not posting here right away!! It's on my fridge so I have double blimp vision in the kitchen!!! YEAH!!! I've yet to see them fly together. I hope I do before Wingfoot One goes back to Florida!! If I miss it though, I know at least I'll have another chance for that, unlike last year with Spirit of Innovation who's not returning and will be decommissioned next year when Wingfoot Two goes out to California at the end of next summer. :( The thought of that is just sad, SOI is the last of her kind. The unicorn of blimps! (Icon is WF1 and SOI last August 21).

Other news, yes, obviously I'm here. Working on my 'find front yard' endeavors. I actually hit dirt the other day!! Yes, that's something to get excited about as that entails cutting out individual honeysuckle roots one by one. Very tedious. Still more of them to go. Also found the steps to the street today! Amazing!! Gotta find something to safely tie up my rose bush---like nylon so it won't cut into the stem. Yes, there'll be photos, as I said when I started this endeavor.

Suppose to be muggy tomorrow so who knows how much I'll get done--if anything--outside. Got out early today (10am) and worked til around 2pm. Then the sun was full on, which is great if you're sitting in the sun; but NOT great if you're working. Trying to figure out what to do with the bare slope I have now. I at least will put something at the base to try to stop erosion. There's things I can pilfer (with permission--I know that's not pilfering but I love that word) for that.

Gotta stop typing as my left arm--mostly elbow--is aggravated cuz I stupidly didn't put my phone on speakerphone yesterday and held it to my ear. Having my elbow bent like that, it was about 15 minutes, makes it very angry!! Yard work doesn't bother it. Holding it in a bent position is not good! I was so surprised by who called me though! My good friend Tammy, who lived down the street years ago, is now back in Ohio with her husband and 2 sons. YEAH!!!!

I couldn't figure out why my elbow hurt so bad last night and didn't realize it was cuz of the phone until Klein's called me today to basically ask if they fucked up my prescriptions I picked up yesterday. Eddie said that's sort of nice they call to make sure everything is right; but also fucked up they sort of have to do that. True. They did NOT fuck up! But when I was on the phone, not on speaker as I was making lunch, holding back Windsor from aforementioned lunch, trying to call Oreo back to the kitchen, and Pan emptied the water bowl right then and started to whine. ::eye roll:: Hang up and THE PHONE DID IT YESTERDAY!!!!!! So my calls later today were on speakerphone.


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Aug. 30th, 2016 02:44 am (UTC)
You can have the butt blimp---dear (jack) lord!! I'll have the Goodyear! :D
Aug. 30th, 2016 02:42 am (UTC)
I didn't want to unscreen your comment with your email addy in it--not knowing if it's public or not. Sent ya an email. Look for one from m99084me@gmail.com 'tis I :)
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