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Two fights in the land of misfit toys the past two days. Step right up and place your bets! Land of misfit toys residents Edward and Panacea each faced adversaries in two different battles!

DING! Bell for fight one: Edward vs Yellow Jackets

Eddie was weed whacking a neighbor's yard yesterday. He stirred up a yellow jacket's nest and they swarmed him. He did the logical thing and tried to punch them. He got stung a couple times on his face. He did the next logical thing, which was to try to weed whack them. He got stung a couple more times before he retreated. No, obviously I didn't see this, as there's no video--which would have been basically me laughing my ass off. This was self reported by Eddie.

His stings are still slightly swollen and red today.

Edward 0 Yellow Jackets 1

DING! Bell for fight two: Pan vs Castanets?

Get up and let the dogs out back this morning, shutting the door behind me. Then I go to the basement to get my laundry out of the washer to put in the dryer. Had to put my bikini tops in my dryer bag so they don't get all knotted together.

Come back up and open the back door to let the dogs in. Pan has her head between the back steps and Poli is hoping around behind her 'what do I do?' 'put me in coach!' I hear 'click click click' clicking from under the steps. No clue what she had under there, though I immediately thought of castanets that ran away from a band. My main priority was to get Pan away from whatever and inside. I pull her head out of the stairs to guide her up the steps and no, of course not. She stuck her head right back under the steps and braced herself so it made it harder for me to get her. 'Click click click' clicking from under the steps. Had to practically drag Pan the 6' to the back door. Poli obediently followed me while I pushed and pulled a dog determined to stay where she was. She seems to forget that I'm the head bitch here.

Get them in and am faced with the decision 'do I want to know what's under the steps?' I glance under the top step and see nothing there. Still heard a couple click clicks. I really didn't want to know but figured I needed to know for future reference and the odds of it being castanets were probably nil. Suddenly a ground hog comes from under the steps!! So their teeth were making the click sounds. They gave me a very dirty look then strutted off like they owned the yard. I yelled at them that they should be thankful I saved their ass. Geesh. The little raccoons have more gratitude than that little punk groundhog. Wish it had been castanets instead. Escaping castanets are welcome to take refuge here!!

File photo of area groundhog.


When I let the dogs back out later Pan, of course, stuck her head in the steps. Seeing they were gone she stuck her nose to the ground and followed the groundhog's trail. I've no doubt she has their scent memorized for future reference.

Panacea 0 Groundhog 1



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Aug. 2nd, 2016 04:21 pm (UTC)
Am assuming the yellow jacket nest was in the ground. Tell Eddie to make a trip to DG or Walmart and buy a can or two of wasp and hornet spray. Stuff works great. If he doesn't spray it he'll get stung again when he's weed wacking or mowing. I get several of those nests in the yard every summer. Remember the kid and pups each being stung 20-30 times several years ago? If he sprays, the best time is after dark. Mark the nest hole during the day then go back after dark and spray the hell out of it. Yeah, and he'll need a flashlight so he can see exactly where the hole is.
Aug. 2nd, 2016 05:08 pm (UTC)
yesterday when he was here for a minute i asked him to show me where the nest was....we couldn't find it!!! they must have been trying to establish one?? he, of course, knew the general area, but nada!! i don't think he'd spray it, even if one existed, since it's a neighbor's yard---unless he already had such spray on hand and i don't think he does.....

yep, i remember what happened to your kid and pups.....

ETA: it was in chris' front yard, 2nd house down from me....

Edited at 2016-08-02 05:09 pm (UTC)
( 2 Peaces spoken — Speak your peace )


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