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thought i heard fireworks downtown as the AC was on in here...go to check the weather before i get the dogs ready for bed and shit!! not fireworks, thunder rumbles....hold on trees!!!!!!! bow don't break!! out with camera to see if i can see lightening like last week...before it rains...


went out and watched the storm roll in...when it got closer and started to rain a bit, the wind picked up A LOT....it keeps getting really humid then like a cold chill....no tornado watch or warning though but damn if that isn't iowa storm weather....

there's a storm [no tornado] warning now....i've told the trees AGAIN to hold on!! i went out on the back porch and they were gyrating...i couldn't watch....the window is now open in here, but i have the curtain closed....can't see much in the dark, but i can see during lightening flashes....do NOT want to watch!! raining harder now....and rolling thunder overhead....

ah, i'll just go to bed....fuck it....


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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