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FUCK EATON!!!!!!!!!



Edward is unemployed on or before September 24, 2016. He just got his 60 day notice. Fuck Eaton--did I say that already?? Well let me say it again:



Fuck Bill Clinton for signing NAFTA as all these jobs are going to Mexico. Where gee, they get like $2 an hour and the product is so poorly made the companies send it to the AMERICAN plants to be fixed/redone. Eaton doesn't give a fuck though. I have no doubt the big wigs will get nice bonuses for closing 2 plants in NE Ohio this year unemploying hundreds of people. They don't give a fuck. Yes, I already said that; but it's true and bares repeating. Eaton does not give a fuck!!

Fuck Hillary Clinton for supporting the TPP which will send MORE jobs overseas. They're making similar claims about that like they did NAFTA. Politicians don't give a fuck. They don't care if more people lose their jobs.

Now, Eddie will get unemployment, extended thanks to NAFTA---and I can hear some politician saying that's a great thing. NO IT IS NOT!!! People would rather have their jobs!!! He gets severance pay too. His main concern is his health care. Eaton's current plan is basically where he pays everything out of pocket---cuz they're fucks. Yes, they blamed Obama-care for that. So he's cut back his doctor visits. He's gotten discounts on prescriptions though. So that's a huge thing there. He's requested paperwork from the VA to see if he can get medical or even prescriptions from them. His medical coverage will last for 6 months after his last day.

Now, he HAS said he's going to go to take some of those educational classes available. Then he doesn't have to go thru the charade of filling out applications--who would hire a 60 year old man? He's said he will take computer classes. I so want to watch that. Though he might call me during it to have me translate his computer speak to the instructor. I'll laugh. About the only laughable thing here.

And yes, my grey hair watch starts September 24 too. No, I still don't have any. My doctor looks about every other visit 'grey hair check'. Nope, none.

Now Eddie might bitch about his job; but he's liked working. He's been there 20 years and he, and everyone else there, and those from the Berea plant they closed early this year, will be tossed away. Some people have worked there 30-40 years. Such loyalty is no longer valued in companies. Eaton doesn't have an union. They moved their 'headquarters' to Ireland for tax purposes; but have a brand new $100 million headquarters built outside Cleveland to celebrate their 100th anniversary a few years ago. It's over half empty now. It's when they started doing that that they started having financial problems cuz gee, ya think?? So who pays for big wigs mistakes?? THE EMPLOYEES!

Who encouraged companies to get cheap labor? NAFTA!!! Who signed NAFTA? Bill Clinton, who's wife is just awaiting to be coronated sworn in as president and she supports the TPP too. The Clintons, though, are elitists, the 1%, and who cares about the unemployed people? The people that a policy they signed/are supporting has decimated the middle to lower class of blue collar worker? They don't give a fuck. Oh, for a photo op, campaign stop, sure. Other than that? They don't give a fuck.

FUCK 2016. Just fuck this fucking year.


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Jul. 13th, 2016 11:47 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear this.

They even moved their HQ to Ireland! What douches.
Jul. 14th, 2016 02:42 am (UTC)
Yeah, their 'HQ' wink wink is in Ireland for tax purposes, cuz fuck America and American workers!! I read a lot of companies were doing that. Fucking ridiculous.

TOTAL douches!! His income is gonna be 50% of what it is now---unemployment. He has to wait like 16 months before he can apply for Social Security at 62. Grrrrr..........

Jul. 22nd, 2016 06:53 pm (UTC)
Can he go to a local Independent Living Center and see if he qualifies for disability benefits? He'd probably get that automatically; he's a heart patient, isn't he? Plus, he has mega work credits to qualify for SSDI.

He might test the waters by going to the Social Security office, or even just call the hotline (it's 24 hours,) because there's got to be a silver lining in this somewhere.
Jul. 27th, 2016 02:12 am (UTC)
he said when he went to his doctor a few weeks ago---and had him remove him from a few MORE medications as he soon won't be able to afford them---he asked the doctor about getting SSDI and the doctor said he thought he was a really bad candidate since like 5 months after his quintuple bypass in '02 he was back at work.....THAT would have been the time to apply, though he was told then he could return to work....he had light duty for a couple months, then full duty....he really hasn't missed work since---except the few months after he got skin grafts in '12....so there's not really a 'disability' for him to apply with, i don't believe....EXCELLENT suggestion though, and MUCH appreciated!!

he MIGHT be able to start collecting his pension, since he has 20 years in at eaton....that would at least supplement his unemployment that would be 50% of his base pay now....

Anita Perry Klein
Jul. 26th, 2016 10:58 pm (UTC)
The coronation just occurred
As I'm reading your post, HRH HRC has been officially coronated as the Dem nominee by Bernie. Sigh.
Jul. 27th, 2016 02:06 am (UTC)
Re: The coronation just occurred
I saw on twitter there's some people walking out, but MSM isn't really covering that--cuz OF COURSE!! Her coronation has been decreed YEARS ago and it MAKES ME SICK!!!

Apologies, as I'm horribly late replying to emails. Have bullshit transpiring around here---i'll email you about it, then we had that heat advisory and when I'm trapped inside in front of the AC I'm not inclined to do much! Didn't get heat sick though!! YEAH!!!

Since this is the fuck eaton post. Eddie and I were discussing the other day the trickle down effects the plant closing will have---as will other plant closings, businesses, etc. The vending machine company has one less plant---there were different vendors for the pop, then another for snacks and sandwiches. The lawn care service has one less place to mow and maintain, as the parking lot plowers have one less place to clear. There is/was a cleaning service that cleaned offices and another that cleaned the plant itself.

Then the employees would go to the local fast food. Many would shop in the area after/before work and most don't live in that immediate area. FUCK EATON!!!!!!!!! Fuck the DNC too!! Those emails---which I wanted to and will email you about---show how they worked against playing fair with Sanders. The DNC is suppose to support ALL candidates the same; but they were 100% $hillary. It seems Trump has treated Sanders with more respect than the DNC.

I cannot imagine what Sanders has been going thru---with the email release, and probably the DNC/$hill blatant bullying, it's despicable. He's been a very honorable person throughout his public service career, who's now in a shallow situation. I think, unfortunately, it will blot out everything he did before. Everything $hill (and Bill) has done has been motivated by 'what's in it for me'. They should retire to Whitewater.

Not only would her election create a more extreme right wing candidate in 4 years, it's ALREADY creating people on the left to flee away from her. She's extremely divisive, probably about the same as Trump is.

::shudder:: I wanna hide for 4+ years somewhere!!!
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