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pan vs. baby raccon round 2 DENIED!!!

i saw the strangest scariest looking bug today EVER....i was gonna post pix/blog about it but alas, it's now a hour later and i need to change my sheets before i go to bed so i'll write about what transpired to take up an hour.....

i thought i'd let the dogs out a little past 8:30pm because it was still light out and i figured it'd be before the raccoons were in the yard....hahahahaha....pan went back to the ghetto patio area where she usually goes but then suddenly CHARGE!!!!!!!!! poli right behind her with her 'what can i do? put me in coach!' attitude....

2 raccoons ran up the locust tree they're usually hanging out in....i start yelling PAN PANACEA PAN COME NOW PAN PANACEA GET BACK HERE....no barking by her---i guess she was going for a deadly silent attack? i had my camera in my hand as i had went up front to see if that bug was still there---before i knew what it was i dubbed it a stephen king bug as it was like something from one of his stories---but i didn't turn my camera on, as i needed to get PAN STAT as i knew there were at least 3 other baby raccoons and MAMA....suddenly this little raccoon ran right past me and was in the patio area--i had started going to the side yard to get pan---and the poor fellow was basically having a panic attack....the little guy/girl didn't know what to do and was just starting to go one way, then turned and started the other way and repeat....i ran over to them and they didn't run from me, they were in a total panic and i swear their face said "help!!!" ....i told them as i sort of scooted them "get up the tree, get up the tree, get up there now!!!" and they went to the locust by the garage---the other 2 were in the other one---and they climbed up about 3 feet and then froze....they needed to get higher than that as pan could reach them...."get up, GET UP THERE!! she can get you dude!!" they went up and then i went to go to the side yard....

i heard no 'shake shake shake'....which was good...i started yelling PAN PANACEA GET BACK HERE NOW again and i saw poli hopping around looking all over and before i got around the cherry bushes PAN WAS COMING BACK!!!!!! holy shit!!!!! AMAZING!!! obviously only because she didn't get a raccoon....got them in the house and then i did a head count....knew there were 3 in the locust trees, so i knew there was 2 other babies and possibly mama around....i found the other 2 and mom in the mulberry tree....thank the stars pan did NOT get a hold of one of those babies as it would have been a repeat from a few years ago where that mom scratched her up (that baby was fine, shook up--pun intended--but fine, as was pan)....

the other 3 eventually joined 'em in the mulberry tree....it was difficult to take pix in the mulberry tree as it was after 9pm now and there was a lot of branches in the way, plus the little ones were running all over playing....

quintuplet mom was taking a well deserved break...


then a baby came to bother her....probably telling her "the dog was 20 feet high but i didn't run and stood up to her"....


after they played for a bit, mom led them down the tree, thru the yard, over the fence and golly gee whiz, right to joyce birr's house to eat at the 24/7 buffet she has out for cats and wildlife.....

now i wouldn't want any harm to come to any critter, but joyce is not doing anyone any favors--including the critters---by having that out....i think my raccoon traffic thru my yard would drop 75% if she didn't have all that food out....and now i have to go out around 8pm and ensure there's no raccoons in my yard before i let my dogs out---ridiculous....and yes, i will, if need be, continue to ensure the baby raccoon's safety....that poor little fellow....basically frozen in fear....yes, i washed my hands when i got in...i think pan got a whiff of raccoon but i wouldn't let her sniff my hands as she doesn't need that scent in her little mind!!!

now i gotta change my sheets and go to bed....i'll post the stephen king bug tomorrow...::shudder:: weirdest fucking bug i've ever seen....oh wait....this is the perfect neighborhood for it!


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Jul. 12th, 2016 07:43 pm (UTC)
lol Keystone cop racoons!
Jul. 12th, 2016 09:28 pm (UTC)
oh that's a perfect description!!!!
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