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damn dog....not just pred but she's on antibiotics AND yeast infection pills too....one good thing is that the ketoconazole is no longer in a 'shortage' and 30 pills cost $40...a few years ago my vet wouldn't even sell them to clients as even selling them at THEIR cost it would have been $125 for a month's supply! they gave out written prescriptions and online fosters & smith had them for like $1.50/pill....i did get a written RX for the antibiotic to drop off at giant eagle cuz it'll be $8....i picked that up friday as Pan and i dropped it off on the way home thursday after the vet....they have a drive thru...i'd never leave a furbaby in the car in hot weather....unless i kept it running with the AC on....

phone call with edward this morning:

when does our bjs membership end?
at the end of the month
so you don't know?
but when does it end
you should have said that

FFS....just listened to persephone bark on and off---mostly on---for almost 2 hours....she just runs her mouth for no reason...it's maddening....you think the nightmare is over (meaning she went in) but then she starts again....edward doesn't think it's a problem---CUZ HE CAN'T HEAR HER....i have plans....some day he will only be able to hear dog barks...phone ring? dog bark....music on laptop? dog barks....sirius radio? masked to a dog barking file.....digital recorders set to play with voice activation, with yes, dog barks, hidden....oh yes....and yes, i am making the evil little pyramid with my hands right now relishing that....i can already foresee myself not home and/or available that day.....HAHAHAHAHA.....

i really can't do much when she's running her mouth for that long...you start to do a project and BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK infinity bark.....i think the nightmare is over now....well FOR now...she'll be back within 30 minutes i have no doubt....

now eddie has every other monday off as they're messing with their schedules AGAIN....next weekend is company picnic....the last one for this plant....cleveland zoo....so yes, i'm going....also coming with us is a friend of mine and her husband (no, not the new neighbors)...amazing i actually know people....huh....who'd have thunk that? the weekend after THAT is a blimpologist get together picnic at where else? wingfoot park....gosh, again, i know people....

wingfoot two SHOULD be christened soon....hope wingfoot one is still around for that....

i had other things to blog about but um, my mind got sort of fried with the bark bark bark bark....nothing like having to try to adjust what you do around a barking dog!! i like to work on my ads community, reply to emails, etc in the evening....i just stop when she barks for 30+ minutes...anything i wrote would be 'bark bark bark bark' or i'd sign it 'daughter of sam'.....

i'll try again tomorrow....


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