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revisit 2012 high maintenance bitch

it is REALLY humid today....bah....i have gatorade and the AC will be on in here....THEY say strong storms tomorrow with high damaging winds and hail....HOLD ON TREES!!!! also rain this afternoon supposedly hitting around the time i have to take high maintenance bitch panacea to the vet....cuz of course....pan has her chronic skin allergies going on....i think she needs pred...she doesn't appear to need antibiotics, nor seems to have a yeast infection....think it's just her flea allergy....she has, of course, been flea treated and has been getting baths but she is extremely skin sensitive and probably writing about this has caused her to break out in hives or something....i tried to give her benadryl as around her eyes is red but it didn't do squat, so off to the vet we shall go....

i went to the doctor yesterday and my pressure sore is healing nicely and i got my painful prolia injection....my upper left arm is STILL burning from that shot....i get another january 4th and then i can get a bone density scan and we'll see if it's made any difference....if it has not, then 2 years has been wasted, and there'll be something else i'll have to take....i hope it's not the daily injections cuz i think i would suck at doing that....

apparently there was a low cloud system from northeast ohio all the way to washington dc that buggered up a lot of firework shows on the 4th....as i mentioned before i couldn't publicly list my videos of this years newton falls fireworks as that would be a disservice to them....i have reuploaded the 2012 fireworks though....since it was a video i already had on youtube, i had to add a title screen so it wouldn't tell me 'that video already exists'....

i missed a few seconds of the beginning of these as they started 20 minutes early....there was a very bad storm approaching that night....you could see the black clouds and lightening coming down from the northwest....the show is 24 minutes long but they shot off all the fireworks that would have taken at least 35-40 minutes to shoot off....after they finished and we started to pack up, the deluge commenced and we were thoroughly soaked, as was everyone else...


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