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4th of July in the mist....

we went to newton falls for the fire works last night....the new neighbor lady (yes, they could live here 10 years and i'll always call them the new neighbors here) rode with us there and her husband joined us there when he got off from work....i made pasta salad, she made quinoa salad, and she also brought: cherries, strawberries, lemon roll cake, hummus, and chips....eddie said she knows how to pack food well....we had some adult beverages too....

i had brought a huge sheet of plastic, well actually a roll, which was good cuz it was misting out, then a light steady rain....it did stop around 9pm.....but it started to mist again a little before 10pm...

found this today...news article about the fireworks and it says it was a $28,000 display and took 8 hours to set up....the fireworks lasted 45 minutes....amazing right?

here's a 12 minute clip, with no commentary from me, yet...please denote now though:

at 20 seconds in you hear a guy yell "shoot 'em all"
this video is unlisted
i have not put a title or tagged this video
now enjoy 12 minutes of a $28,000 display

amazingly unbelievable, right? you can see some of the final 5 minutes

commentary now....WHAT THE GODDAMN FUCK?!?!?!?!?!??!!? we are assuming because of the high humidity that cloud was low and then that also 'trapped' the firework smoke....we apologized to the new neighbors cuz we had told them how awesome the fireworks were and then we sat there and watched the cloud change colors...though we could see the low ones right in front of us very clearly....and SOME of the tall ones that were 'low'....

then that mist started to cover the ball field and it always makes me think of the stephen king short story "the mist"....i dunno how i'd combat a dinosaur type creature....perhaps i should think about that sometime....

i am NOT titling or tagging the videos cuz that would be a huge disservice to newton falls....it's not their fault and they have to be a combo of pissed and devastated....

here's some photos of the colorful clouds we saw last night...

Red Skies at Night


The Sun Burns in the Sky


...like a mist of sulfur... [and damn, i haven't listened to Sepultura in far too long!]


Behind the Sun there's a really bright firework going off



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