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I got myself a watch so I don't always have to have my phone on me and/or want to dig it out of my pocket. I got a kid's watch as I've always had small wrists but damn, this is ridiculous.

Timex, cuz it'll take a licking and keep on ticking! (Also water proof).


When I was putting it on, I almost thought I'd have to fasten it on the last hole, but no, next to last, cuz apparently I have the wrist of a 5 year old?


Nice watch though. I like it and that's all that matters.


Now, here's is the mentioned yet never posted about Pan and the possum.

I can't recall exactly what night it was and even if I hadn't deleted my disqus account, you couldn't search your disqus comments so I'd never be able to find it (they use to let you search, then removed that very useful function, cuz ??) so sometime early in May or at the end of April, we had Pan and the possum. An aside, yes, I deleted my disqus account. Poof, gone. I no longer read any online news sites, and I no longer even read dlisted. Of course it should go without saying I avoid scientology watching like the plague. Well perhaps it needs to be said. Let me write about Pan and the possum first though.

Went to bed late that night, so I didn't let the dogs out until around midnight---whatever night this was. I heard Pan give a 'I got something bark' and I fly out the back door, as I had just let them out and shut the door behind me to get their bedtime treats ready, and I immediately call Poli. Heard her snorting along, then I start yelling for Pan. Got Poli in the house, as I did not need her hopping around 'what do I do? what do I do?' and then am faced with entering a pitch black yard. The neighbor behind me have one of those big lights--like a streetlight--on their garage; but the elderberry tree blocks it in the area Pan was in, cuz OF COURSE!!

Pan is letting out short little barks, I hear nothing from whatever she had cornered/trapped. I grabbed a furthing strip and head over there. Within like the 90 seconds (MAX) this has taken (getting Poli, grabbing furthing strip) Pan now has whatever in her mouth as she was growling and I could hear the cherry bush branches move as she was shaking it. Since I had a general idea of where she was, and knew to stay away so as to not get bit or attacked, I get over there---all the while yelling for Pan to come NOW. I hit the cherry bushes with the furthing strip---I didn't want to hurt Pan nor whatever she had, I wanted her to DROP IT. Shake shake shake. I toss over a plastic lawn chair. Shake shake shake. Flower pots. Shake shake shake. I'm now SCREAMING at her to fucking drop it. Shake shake shake. I'm screaming "WHATEVER IT IS IT'S DEAD ALREADY!!! FUCKING DROP IT YOU FUCKING FUCKTARD." Shake shake shake. Mind you, it's now after midnight and probably about 10 minutes of this. I do not give a fuck. I scream "I'M GETTING A GOLF CLUB!!" and some guy on Dayton Place yelled back "Shit just got real". An hour later I found that really funny, at the time it hardly registered.

Got a golf club, got closer to her and WHACKED the ground within a few feet of her---I could make out the area she was sort of in. SHE DROPPED WHATEVER!!! I got closer and could make her out now and used the golf club as a 'bar' to push her back away from whatever. I didn't even look at what it was at this point, my focus was on getting HER away. I got her about 6' away and there was actually some dim light here and kept the golf club in front of her. She was FIXATED on that spot. I started to talk to her---normal voice---using her name a lot, she wasn't in trouble for going after an intruder in the yard; but she needed to listen better. It took a few minutes but her 'hunt/kill' mode broke and I saw her tail wag. I put my hands on her shoulders and tried to direct her to the back door; but she started to immediately veer towards her 'prey' so I said "STOP" and she did.

I had to fucking carry her ass into the house, underneath cherry bushes and the wild rose bush as I had no way of seeing what she had had at that point and the direct path was in the area of where it was and I wasn't even sure where it had landed when she dropped it. Get her into the house and fully examine her. No blood in her mouth, no scratches, nada. She's UTD on her shots; but still, I didn't want her to have a cut/wound/etc.

Get the tablet and put it on the light box mode and go back out. I figured I'd see what it was and since I was now WIDE AWAKE I'd bury it as I couldn't imagine it surviving all that shake shake shaking. It was a possum. She had not broken the skin around the neck, just had grabbed it and was shaking, as dogs do, to 'kill'. I turn to go back to get the shovel and what?! It was breathing. Normally. Laying on it's side, 4 limbs straight out, I didn't look at it's face but I saw it's mouth was open; but the breathing was NORMAL. I told them I was sorry they had had that happen to them but Pan was acting on instinct when she found someone in her yard. I hoped they weren't in pain and I'd check on them in the morning. Nothing else I could really do. I did NOT yell a "sorry" to the neighbors, as I will do on the rare occasions when Pan has a critter encounter cuz this was the absolute worst---even worse than when the mother raccoon scratched her all up when she had one of her chirruns in her mouth; and I also did not give a fuck.

Next morning I go out and it was gone! When I let the dogs out, Pan, of course, went to that spot IMMEDIATELY and had her nose in the ground and then peed on where her 'conquest' had been. Damn dog. I called the trainer at the vet and she said next time throw a bucket of water on her to get her to drop it; but other than that, I did right by keeping my distance and then getting her 'hunt/kill' spell broke. Yes, there's now an 'Pan vs. Critters' emergency bucket of water ready to go in the kitchen at all times now. BE PREPARED!!!! And there's always golf clubs for when shit needs to get real!!


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Jul. 3rd, 2016 02:00 am (UTC)
Is the watch vintage? I have tiny wrists also—small bones—and I'd totally wear that watch.
Jul. 14th, 2016 05:31 pm (UTC)
That's a lovely watch! I love timex and swatch. I tend to pick watchfaces with plain numerals like that too.

I hope the possum not only got away but survived.
( 3 Peaces spoken — Speak your peace )


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