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Tia's forest is no more....

Stupidly I forgot to take some photos of my side yard 'before'. It was very hot yesterday and I got too much heat so I sort felt on the verge of heat sickness. So to keep me from sitting in my chair in the sick--the pull is strong no matter how I feel---I decided to enter what use to be a jungle but had since became a forest. There was total shade in the section of my side yard aside my house. I only worked in that area, not behind my house, nor the back part of the side yard. Just the area next to my house. I took my new fiskars' 13" pruning saw (link is amazon but i got it in a store) and let me say this saw is AWESOME!!!!!!! I'm 5'2 1/2" and currently 94#s and I cut down over 20 trees with that!! The largest tree circumference was probably 7" round. I just let them 'timber!' as I cut from the bottom but I have borrowed eddie's electric branch cutter to cut them up to properly throw them out once the leaves die off. When I finished THERE WAS SUN IN THE SIDE YARD!!!!!! That saw didn't make my arms hurt, nor my back. If it's not too wet out tomorrow I'll start chopping them up with the electric cutter, as I didn't start that today. I figured tree sawing was enough.

There was one locust sucker tree growing that I won't cut until I know for sure that other birds haven't taken over a robin's nest. I didn't see/hear any birds around it, but I want to make sure first. I left a tree to grow---not sure what kind it is, it's not a locust, nor maple, nor a sumac---sort of between the front of the side yard and the back of the side yard. It'll nicely grow in the center there and the center of the side yard can remain sunny and with the other trees growing around the edges of the side yard it'll be totally private---weed tree maples that are too large to cut now along the fence line behind the houses abutting from dayton place, my hawthorne trees--one in front of my dining room windows and the other in the far corner, and the japanese crab apple. I learned today that butterfly bush wood is the hardest to cut thru.

Also used my branch cutters--also fiskars, i love their stuff---to trim back some hawthorn branches i kept getting snagged on.

i am starting to feel TIRED! dunno why!! HAH! gotta go change my sheets and then my day is d-o-n-e!

THEY say it might rain. I see a line of storms coming this way with red in the center but no notice/warning/nada. That's rather unusual. Before I go to bed I'll give the huge locust trees a pep talk. I can't believe there's no storm watch right now. Considering how over saturated those watches are, here comes a line of storms towards us, about an hour or so away and not a peep.


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Jun. 27th, 2016 09:42 pm (UTC)
Yes, i have that same fiskars saw, plus the two sizes of bi pass lopers. Love Them! I've lent my lopers to several neighbors. Next thing i know, they bought a pair.
Jun. 27th, 2016 11:03 pm (UTC)
yeah, the lopers, i always forget what they're called 'officially'.....fiskars is good stuff!!! that saw is AWESOME!!!
Jun. 27th, 2016 11:51 pm (UTC)
Haven't used the saw often, but those lopers can chop through almost anything, like butter!

Neighbor dude was helping me cut some young trees a few years ago. With my bad wrist, I couldn't get through the last couple. He was going to go home and get the chainsaw. WAIT, try these. Yeah, he's now a convert with fiskars hanging on his garage wall.
Jun. 28th, 2016 12:55 pm (UTC)
converts to fiskars!!! one of us one of us one of us!!!

i have fiskars shears, that after i dunno how many years i finally had to sandpaper a little bit and put some wd40 on 'em and they're good as new!

i have a nifty other new fiskars toy i haven't really played with it....the yard machete!!! one side is serrated and the other is a plain blade!
( 4 Peaces spoken — Speak your peace )


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