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Amazingly I've gained 3# since Friday! YEAH!!! The one 'I don't think they got any kind of training' assistant was GONE but there was another floatee training assistant there. Alas, she was doing a GREAT JOB!! I told her she needed to use the kid's BP cuff and she got it on with zero problem and didn't have to have me put my arm in a variety of positions either. She also used a watch with a second hand for my heart rate. I mentioned the finger thingie the other one had used and her eyes got wide and she said "You're suppose to use a watch's second hand" Uh huh. So today my heart rate was 63 or something like that instead of 103 that the finger thingie denoted wrongly on Friday. I told this one she was doing a great job cuz she was! SHE obviously has had schooling and training.

The doctor told me, when I said the one this week was great, that she had to give feedback on the last one and she used my BP cuff debacle and improper heart rate testing in her feedback, along with other patient's complaints as I wasn't the only one. I had said I'm sure she's a very nice person, she wasn't rude or anything like that. Just totally medically incompetent.

Because I've lost so much weight I'm getting a pressure sore on my tailbone. Nice eh? There's some schadenfreude for ya. So I have ointment and am getting a seat cushion with a square cut out in the tailbone area. Insert eye roll. Suppose to get up every 15 minutes too. But hey, I've gained 3# so I need to keep that up!! That will obviously help me not be so bony. DUH!

Went to get ointment and then went to a store to get some bread and bananas and some guy came up to me and asked where I got my shirt. I had no idea what shirt I was wearing and had to have given him a blank look or a dafuq? look cuz he then said, without me saying anything, that there was sometimes a seller at a flea market who made retro shirts and there was a store downtown that made retro shirts but he never saw one like mine before. I look at my shirt and see that I'm wearing my Red Hot Chili Pepper concert shirt. "I don't think a store making a shirt could be considered retro; but, I got this shirt at the actual concert the last Saturday in October 1991 when they played Public Hall with Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam." "I wasn't even born then." "That explains a lot, but yeah, this shirt is an original and could probably be considered antique." "It doesn't look that worn." "Nope, I didn't wear it for a long time and only just started to again, now my Beastie Boys Ill Communication shirt finally tore it was so thread bare and that was just a few weeks ago." "You wanna sell that shirt?" "NO! Dafuq?! I gotta go."

DAFUQ?!?!? I know that concert was the last Saturday in October (of '91) cuz Jen the Jew drove and she dropped me off downtown afterwards and it was Kent Halloweenie and I met the guy I was seeing at The Venice. My costume that year was 'Chili Pepper concert goer', via wearing the shirt that I was wearing today.

Akron, might have got a clue, cuz now starting at 5pm tomorrow all buses are free. I think LeBronfest is going to be WAY more crowded than they ever could imagine. People from Cleveland might even come down. There was 1.3 million people in Cleveland for their little parade. Since this is an event in Lock 3 downtown tomorrow, no way it could hold more than a few thousand. No clue it's capacity but it's not THAT big. They'd be better off having it at the baseball stadium downtown. They say Lock 3 will open at 7pm but I'm thinking they might open it before and I'm guessing now that people will be lining at LEAST by noon. Hell there might be some people down there camping out right now.

Where I saw on the news that Wingfoot One was in Cleveland today was apparently wrong according to my fellow blimpologist. He said it was WF2. He thought WF1 was still here though. Original return date was yesterday. Could 2 blimps fly together tomorrow? My fellow blimpologist will keep me posted about that. No way in HELL I'd even TRY to drive downtown. BUT I could go to the park across from St. Thomas (can't think of it's name) and that's up on a hill so I could see the downtown skies very nicely and be safe on this side of the Y-Bridge. Of course traffic might be backed up on the y-bridge trying to GET downtown! I'd avoid main street and would take the back way to that park if 2 blimps are out. I heard 77N to Cleveland was pretty much at a standstill at one point this morning from Cleveland all the way to Akron. Oh HELL NO!!

Just asked mr. google about Lock 3's capacity. 7000!!! Aw, bless their hearts. Let's see, I'm seeing that Akron hasn't thought of changing the location, uh huh. And 7000 can fit in Lock 3, 4000 can fit outside of it and then they'll have jumbotrons along Main Street. Apparently on FB 8500 have said they plan to go and 6300 have said they WILL go. They did at least a clue and will be closing streets earlier than planned. So hey, a bit of a clue. Doors still open at 7 for a 8pm start. I hope no one is hurt.

I'm gonna see if I can hear--does that make sense?--the noise from here. It should be very loud. I know there'll be fireworks, and I'll be able to hear them just fine.

Someone at the doctor's office asked me why I hadn't gone to Cleveland. I gave them a blank look. "For the parade!!!" Parade for what? "THE CAVS!!!!" That got a scrunched up dafuq look and "I don't really like sports, I really hate Cleveland teams and the thought of that alone is torture." "I wish I could have been that, it's just so awesome" The parade? "No their win! You don't like sports so you don't understand that." I cannot grasp the concept of fans who think this has affected their lives some how, it hasn't, as you're at work and not there, you get no bonus, no ring, nada, just increased prices probably next year that you'll pay. Then I smiled. Cynical cuntiness is an art! I do it well. I do it so it feels like hell. Anyway, that shut them up.

A friend denoted the other day that apparently all major sports' seasons last longer now than they did a few decades ago. True facts. Basically there's no time without a sport going on. We were discussing how it might be a diversion for people. Yes, of course, a diversion for people to not think about their troubles, etc; but we were thinking along the lines of a diversion for people to not have time to think much about the world around them. Keep the people occupied with balls being tossed, hit with a stick or racket, kicked, or a puck hit. Get 'em all caught up in the player's lives, rivalries, etc and they won't have to time to notice what's going on in the world around them. The crime out of control in many cities and police officers are viewed as criminals for trying to do their jobs; the fiscal problems facing many cities--many with large football stadiums that cities and citizens financed; more and more jobs going overseas; people unable to look up from their phones to say hi to a neighbor or notice they're gonna walk in traffic. It's like sports are some mass hypnosis on a large portion of society. I've thought this decades.

So yeah, I've always had this thought about sports. Even while watching, and enjoying Cubs' games in the 80s (Harry Carey was awesome to listen to!). I never got caught up in though. I think of the people who are so preoccupied during sports' seasons and if they spent 1/2 that time with their partner, children, etc I bet their home life would improve. Yes of course, there's people who are jim dandy who go to every game, I'm sure; but that would be a small small percent.

I'm such a happy little camper!! Actually I do feel rather happy.

I need to post the songs that get stuck in my head---what is that? a brain burr? Well whatever it is, after I posted that OMD song, it was gone! So this was in head this morning and all day. Let's see if this will disperse it.

Oh damn, listening to Peaches, made me think of Armageddon Dildos, yes that's a bad, I've got a couple tapes of theirs.

Ooooo suggested on the side of Armageddon Dildos was Leather Strip!! Damn....haven't heard them forever.

The raccoons are back!! I did go out last night, for a minute, and discovered they were in the OTHER locust tree. Let me go see where they are tonight. Hold on. They're in the locust tree closest to the garage. I saw 2, but heard more than that. Has to be the quintuplets. No, no ammonia paper towels this evening. It's suppose to rain overnight. Ah, they say rain starting in 99 minutes.


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