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Boots parade

When I got up around 5:30am this morning THE BOOTS was back upstairs! YEAH!!!! Such a relief!

On twitter I saw that some people had camped out overnight for that ball bouncer/tosser parade and that areas are already filling up. Almost all RTA parking lots are full too. Where people will park to take RTA downtown after the parking lots are all filled is anyone's guess. Today will probably be a good test for the PD and city before the RNC. Though the crowds then might not be so friendly.

I'm sure LeBronfest tomorrow evening in Akron will attract a huge honkin' crowd too. There was no mention of parking elsewhere and bus service being provided. They might wanna rethink that as the downtown Akron lots will get filled fast.

Need to water in front of the fence this morning and then putter around. Back to the doctor later today. Wheee!!! Maybe I can get the person who took me back last week again! I hope to fuck not!!!! I'll be upfront and tell them not to use the finger thing for my heart rate and if they struggle with my BP I'll just tell them to skip it. I won't go over my medical history and meds again either. Not being cantankerous or uncooperative, just not gonna deal with bullshit and tomfoolery. If someone wants to play medical assistant they should do so in imagination land, not with real patients!!


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